KavkazSkiTur Ltd operates as local company and propose to travel agencies, guides, mountaineers, groups to organize skitour programs to Elbrus mount and in the area as well as combined tour in different variants and any amount of days.

The skitour programs are flexible depending from weather, snow condition and avalanche danger.
In 8 days tour (depending from weather condition) possibly we stay on the barrels always without descent to hotel or its recommended for proper acclimatization one day descent to Azau. We follow the forecast and consider it on the spot. After the observing of information from avalanche department and local weather forecast and according to their recommendations we choose safe routes and better days. At this case probably it will not be safe to go Adyl-su valley for example and we change it to another place. There is also valley Adyr-su, parallel to valley Adyl-su – a beautiful wild place for ski-tours. In April its much snow in Adyr-su and nice to stay in tourist center “Ullu-tau”. The huts Ullu-tau situated at a height of 2380 meters and the skitour passes reach up to 4000 meters. Transport goes up by unique elevator first and then 10 km driving. Its dirty road which is cleaned from snow. We are happy to offer other off-piste skiing areas not only Mt. Elbrus itself. Elbrus area has large options for skitours – here are some of them we chose according to the previous practice and experience. There are many skitour possibilities in the area which are not overcrowded yet. Ski mountaineering is discovered in Elbrus area not very long time ago. But it becomes more popular each year as there are many wild areas with fresh good snow cover.

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  • Elbrus tours

Practice showed that the best time for skitour is the end April – beginning of May. In case You are alone please consider one of our scheduled dates we can include you in, otherwise we are glade to offer private services for any dates and amount of climbers. The groups we collect usually consists of no more then 4-5 climbers so that the experience level is almost the same. Skitour on Elbrus is possible for climbers without skinning experience. Its enough to have good alpine ski training and especially off-piste ski experience.
In May month most way to the top of Elbrus is possible to go on skies with skins.
The best time for skin up to mount Elbrus is really May month as there is less ice and wind comparing with April for example. It was shown by last years climbs and we would recommend May for inexperienced ski-tour climbers also. Climbing Elbrus in April is not exactly skitour climb – there are much ice fields and hard wind on that period. You can reach skinning till Pastukhov rockes (about 4500 m), after it the ascent is continued without skis which is very difficult in skitour boots. But for skitourings in other areas of Elbrus April is a wonderful season. In May on the contrary very good snow and conditions for skitouring exactly the mount Elbrus itself.
So the time of trip depends on which program you are interested in – just fast Mt. Elbrus skitour or multiple tour with other acclimatization ski ascents.

Elbrus Ski-tour (8 days)

The cost of tour
45 000 RUB
Day 1. Meeting in Min Vody airport. Transfer to Prielbrusye. Accommodation in hotel on Azau glade.
Day 2. Climbing to tourist’s hotel “Gara Bashy” (3800 m) by cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”. Acclimatization hike till base “Priut 11″ (4200 m). Returning to Gara-Bashi.
Day 3. Climbing for acclimatization to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 m). Returning to tourist’s hotel “Gara Bashi”.
Day 4. Skiing down to Azau glade (2350 m). Acclimatization is over.
Day 5. Climbing to tourist’s hotel “Gara Bashy” (3800 m) by cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.
Day 6. Climbing to a top of mount Elbrus. Skiing down to Gara-Bashi.
Day 7. Spare day for climbing. Skiing down to Azau glade.
Day 8. Transfer to Min Vody. Departure to Moscow..

Elbrus Ski-tours (12 days)

The cost of tour
57 000 RUB
Day 1. Meeting in Mineralnye Vody airport. Transfer to Prielbrusye. Accommodation in hotel 3* on Cheget glade. Meeting, preparation of equipment. Day 7. Ascent by cable-cars till station Mir (3500 m). Skitour till Priut-11 (4060 м).
Descent to valley Azau outside skiing tracks.
Day 2. Glade Cheget (2000 m) – cable-car till cafe “Ai” (2650 m) Sitour to Cupola of mount Cheget (3100 m)
Descent to glade Cheget.
Day 8. Transfer hotel–Barrels(3700m)-skitour Priut 11 (4060m).
Skitour till Pastuhkov rocks (4700 m).
Day 3. Transfer hotel–glade Azau (2350 m) Cable-cars – station Azau – station Krugozor (3000m)
Skitour – lake Azau – plateau Hotu-Tau – pass “Echo of the War”. (3200 m)
Descent to valley Azau (2350 m) – glade Azau.
Day 9. Climbing Mt. Elbrus on Western top (5642 m).
Descent to barrels.
Day 4. Glade Cheget – the Large Kogutai glacier – skitour to mount Kogutai (3300 m)
Descent to glade Cheget.
Day 10. Reserve day.
Descent to barrels.
Day 5. Transfer hotel –gorge Adyl-su – camp “Dgan-Tugan” (2350m).
Skitour – glade Green hotel – Djankuat glacier( 3400 m).
Descent on Djankuat glacier till camp “Dgan-Tugan”.
Day 11. Descent from barrels to hotel.
preparation for departure
Day 6. Transfer hotel – gorge Adyr-su – camp “Djailyk” (2300m).
Skitour – the Adyrsu glacier – the Mestia hut (3150 m).
Descent on Mestia glacier till camp “Djailyk”.
Day 12. Transfer hotel – Minvody

Elbrus ski traverse North to South – 10 days trip

The cost of tour
68 000 RUB
Day 1. Meeting in Mineralnye Vody airport. Transfer to city Nalchik. Accommodation in hotel 3* city center. Meeting, preparation of equipment. Day 6. Acclimatization to Lenz rocks 4500-4600 or reserve day.
Day 2. Transfer from Nalchik to the North Elbrus. Base camp in a glade Emanuel (2598 m) – accommodation in huts. Day 7. Day of rest or reserve day.
Day 3. Acclimatization to 3200 m. Return to base-camp Emanuel. Day 8. Traverse Elbrus main summit, ski down to South side. Descent to barrels or to hotel in Terskol.
Day 4. Acclimatization to 3800 m. Return to camp Emanuel. Day 9. Reserve day. Descent to hotel in Terskol.
Day 5. Ascent to summit camp 3800 m – accommodation in huts. Day 10. Transfer to airport.

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