Elbrus Climb through gorge Terskol – 8 days
Price: 45 000 Rubles
Period: May-September
Best time: July-August
meeting and all transfers, Hotels, meals FB, Cook, Guides, Cable-ways, Visa support.
Not included:
Snow-tractor, Personal equipment, Air flights

The route passes along a road made in 1938. Along that road the building stuffs for the building “Priut 11” delivered. A place of an ending of the road was called “Ice Base” (3800 m). From here on ice fields of Mt.Elbrus to the building site, a four-kms sledge road was made, having directed reliable bridges through ice cracks. Up to the launch of the cableway “Elbrus” it was the most popular route to “Priut 11”. Now for climbing elbrus everyone use cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.

Short description of the tour

Day 1. Meeting in Min Vody airport. Transfer to Prielbrusye. Accommodation in hotel in village Terskol.
Day 2. To the Terskol gorge, direction to “Novy Krugozor” (2900m) – bivouac.
Day 3. Continue the rout to the “Ice Base” (3800 m) through meteorological station
“The 105th picket” (3300 m) – bivouac.
Day 4. Climbing to tourist’s hotel “Priut-11” (4200 m). Accommodation and lunch.
Acclimatization hike to the rocks of the “Priut-9”. Return to Priut-11.
Day 5. Climbing for acclimatization to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 m). Returning to tourist’s hotel “Priut-11”.
Day 6. Early morning climbing to a top of mount Elbrus. Descent to Priut-11.
Day 7. Spare day for climbing. Descent to hotel in Terskol vil.
Day 8. Departure to Min Vody.

The personal equipment The group equipment
  • The tourist plastic boots
  • The ice axe or ski sticks
  • The sleeping bag
  • Crampons
  • Tourists rug
  • Rucksack
  • The first – aid set
  • The electric torches
  • A rope
  • Tents

The cost of Elbrus tour through gorge Terskol – 45 000 Rubles per person.


  1. Transfer Min Vody airport – Prielbrusye – Min Vody.
  2. Accommodation in hotel in village Terskol, according the programme 2 days.
  3. Accommodation in base camp “Priut 11”, according the programme 3 days.
  4. Three meals a day.
  5. All internal transfers.
  6. Cable-ways.
  7. Qualified instructor for acclimatization and climbing.
  8. Cook in base “Priut-11”.
  9. Visa support, registration in OVIR, National Park, boundary permit.
doesn’t include: 

  1. Snow-tractor.
  2. Equipment.
  3. Insurance.

The detailed description of the tour

Arrival from Moscow (St. Petersburg, Munich etc.) to Mineralnye Vody airport. Meeting and transfer to Prielbrusye. Accommodation in hotel on Cheget glade, dinner. The road from Min Vody to hotel takes about 3-4 hours.

From village Terskol to “Novy Krugozor” 2900m (New Outlook) – bivouac.

The route passes along the village road branched from the Baksan highway in the Terskol vil. (2100 m). At first the road leaves into the glade of the river Terskol. In 10 minutes begins a rise on a starboard of the glade, on the slope of rather small southern spur of Elbrus. This spur, folded with effusive rocks, parts the glaciers Gara-Bashi and Terskol.
We climb and leave a pine forest for the herbaceous slopes above the Baksan glade by lengthy streamers. There are the sites of picturesque basalt rocks above them. In 2,5 hours the road turns north, to the transparent multijet waterfall. It is the first spring on a whole path. From here we mount in a hanging glade and approach to the houses of the “New Outlook” (2900m). Nearby the shelter there are convenient places for tents and a clean spring. The route from Terskol will take 3 hours.

Ice Base – barrels Gara-Bashi

The Baksan glade, the tops of the Mt. Ushba, Mt. Donguz-Orun, Cheget and etc. are well seen from the houses. On the opposite slope the ski lifts and famous Cheget mountain-skiing lines are viewed. In pink rays of the sunset the summits of the Main Caucasian Range are most effective in the lateral (western) illumination. Furthermore if the Baksan glade is filled with clouds, there is a unique feeling, as if you are on an abrupt coast of the gray-haired foaming sea.

We leave for the “Ice Base” (3800) in the early morning. Mount to the crest of the ridge and move along it in the direction of Mt. Elbrus. In an hour we approach to the small lowering of the crest on which located houses of a meteorological station. This is “The105th picket ” (3300 m).
On the approach to the meteorological station, to the right of a road is the monument to the cavalrymen of the 214th regiment defending the approaches to the Mt. Elbrus during the Great World War. On a broad rocky crest the firing points, odds of the fortification and dugouts are remained. War actions had been running here till the middle of August up to the beginning of November of 1942. The first who had taken up a stroke of the mountain forest men from the division “Edelweiss” exploding from the slopes of Elbrus into the Baksan glade were the cavalrymen of the 214th regiment. By the end of September they were replaced by the soldiers of the 897th rifle regiment.
Above “The 105th picket” the path is choked with rocks, covered by landslides, however it’s difficult to go along it. The glade of the Terskol river and the glacier of the same name hanging above the glade and covered with cracks are well visible from it, as well as a southeastern crest of Mt. Elbrus with a predominant summit Terskol (3787 m). We mount the top of an ancient flow. Both summits of Mt.Elbrus and the glacier Gara-Bashi are well visible. For 3 hours of the way from “Novy Krugozor” we leave for “The Ice Base” (3800m) – a flat moraine site near upper reaches of the Terskol glacier. Here is a small house of the tourist shelter and the constructions of the scientific station “Ice Base”. “Priut 11” is well seen from here. It’s one and a half hour to reach it, however it’s dangerous to go there without special equipment and necessary skills. Besides it needs a special permission of the Elbrus Control and Resque Service – bivouac.

tourist’s hotel Priut-11

Leave for the base camp “Priut-11”(4200 m).

One can go on moving only at good visibility. A gently sloping part of the path along the glacier leads to the take-off to ” Priut 11 “. There are masked cracks, therefore it is not recommended to go aside the path. An altitude of the Priut is 4200m.
Above the take-off opens eastern ice fields of Mt. Elbrus. Above them raises its eastern summit. Under the summit, on rocky exits, there was constructed the building of “Priut 11”. To the right of it at the same altitude are star-shaped exits of rocks of the“Priut 9” (there are no constructions there). Above them, on a snow slope under the summit is “the Priut Pastukhov” (4800 m).
From “Priut 11” there are well visible ridges of the Western Caucasus. More to the left of the ascent way on the rocks between Gara-Bashi and Terskol glaciers seen the “Ice Base”.
Having settled at “Priut 11”, we can make a radial hike to the rocks of the “Priut 9”. One must take in account that on the Gara-Bashi glacier there are a lot of cracks, the path is not marked, and under the rocks there is a large crack – bergshrund – masked by mild snow.
“Priut11”, the highest hotel in Europe and Russia, burnt in August 1998 during the sudden night fire (nearby constructed alpinist’s hut). From here you can see the wonderful views of the mountains of the Central and West Caucasus. The both summits of Mount Elbrus are seen on the north. On the east, southeast and south you can see the Greater Caucasian Range and its northern spurs. The ranges of Svanetia are seen behind the Greater Caucasian Range, on the Southwest, behind the Hotu-Tau Range, the West Caucasus and its ranges are seen. 

Climbing for acclimatization to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 m). 
For the acclimatization effect there have to be two nights on altitude 4000m. First day climbing for acclimatization to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 m). Returning to “Priut11”.

Early morning climbing to a top of mount Elbrus.
The beginning of climb is planed in 2 a.m., in direction of the Pastukhov Rocks (4,800 m), then to the saddle of Elbrus, here tourists have one hour rest and go to the Western or Eastern summit. Return in a camp “Priut-11”.

Spare day for climbing. Descent to Terskol, using cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.

Transfer to Min Vody airport. Departure to Moscow.

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