Elbrus Mount climbs, treks, skitours


Elbrus climb – 8 days
The given 8 days program is for climbers, with experience in high mountaineering. Eight days tour has minimal duration in order to have enough time for acclimatization of trained climbers. The most popular program most climbers do – 2 hiking acclimatization days and then “Classical route on Elbrus” using gondola cableways “Elbrus” and arm-chaired lift “Gara-Bashi”.
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Elbrus climb with treks – 10 days
10 days program with hiking in Irik-chat, Adyl-su, Adyr-su gorges most beautiful in the Caucasus. Not difficult routes and motorways, passes on the pine forests and alpine meadows, gives good physical training together with high mountains up till 4000 m and gain of altitude proper acclimatization before Elbrus summit.
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Elbrus climb through gorge Terskol – 8 days
The route passes along a road made in 1938. Along that road the building stuffs for the base-camp “Priut 11” delivered. A place of an ending of the road was called “Ice Base” (3800 m). From here on ice fields of Mt.Elbrus to the building site, a four-kms sledge road was made, having directed reliable bridges through ice cracks. Up to the launch of the cableway “Elbrus” it was the most popular route to “Priut 11”. Now for climbing Elbrus everyone use cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.
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Elbrus ski-tour – 8 days
Its an optimal program for climbing Elbrus in cold spring season and gives sufficient acclimatization: first – climbing to maximum point (Pastukhov rocks 4800 m), then skiing down to Azau glade (2350 m). And after it – climbing to the top of Elbrus. Skiing on Elbrus is possible all year round. But the best time for skiing down from the top of Elbrus till the end Azau glade is April – the beginning of May.
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Elbrus with ski-tours in the area – 12 days
In 12 days tour we are happy to offer other ski-tour areas not only Mt. Elbrus itself. Elbrus area has large options for skitours – here are some of them we chose according to the previous practice and experience. We consider that its even more interesting and there are many skitour possibilities in the area which are not practice yet. Actually skitour programs are discovered in Elbrus area not very long time ago. But it becomes more popular each year as there are many wild areas with glaciers and big snow cover.
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Elbrus ski traverse North to South – 10 days
Today, the north side of Elbrus can be considered wild and untouched: hence the ascent can be considered more “honest”. There are no snow-cats and cable-cars, you need to go here all by yourself. The infrastructure of South allows to reach “in the easy way” to an altitude of 5100 m (cable car to an altitude of 3800 m, and then – snowcat to a height of 5100). For those who crave the hard work, the harsh slopes, spaciousness and grandeur of unspoiled nature – the north side of Elbrus is much more better.
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Elbrus north side trip – 11 days
There is a big attraction in the landscape and nature of northern Elbrus – the route is going through the natural beauty and wild mountain region. Large plateau with stunning views of Mount Elbrus, glacial and spring lakes, wild rivers, crystal clear streams with trout, birch alpine forests, alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, mineral springs, ancient ruins of villages, menhirs, passes – that’s just a small part of what you see here..
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Elbrus north climb – 8 days
Program Elbrus north. Climbing the peak of Mount Elbrus towards the first ascent of the Russian expedition under the command of General of Cavalry Georgy Emanuel in 1829. The northern slope of Elbrus has been always attracting the attention of scientists, mountaineers, climbers and resort visitors. Just there the first conquerors of Elbrus, the participants of the famous Emmanuel expedition, made their attempt to conquer Caucasian giant.
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Treks in the North side of Elbrus – 10 days
All routes start and end at the base camp at an altitude of 2600 m, situated on a plateau Irahiktyuz and designed for one day hiking. The camp has all necessary conditions for quality rest and get ready for new adventures. Only one of the trips planned for two days with an overnight stay at 2000 m in sheepyard, which allows you to experience the atmosphere of the true life of the mountaineers. In many places where we go, you’ll want to stay forever. And when you leave it, you want to come back. It is very beautiful in here. And its all real.
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