Skiers and tourists who come to rest at the foot of Mount Elbrus, will rise to a height of 3847 meters to the station “Gara-Bashi” on a new cable car. Its the continues of existing cable-cars “Azau-Krugozor” and “Krugozor-Mir”.

In 2015 “Resorts of North Caucasus” plans to build and put into operation the third line of the cable car from station “Mir” to station “Gara-Bashi”, as well as build 4.5 km of ski slopes in the specified area, the length of the slope will be 1675 meters. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for December this year.

The most high-altitude cable car in Russia, located on Mount Elbrus, the upper station – at an altitude of 3847 meters, a little higher the old existing chair-lift with 3750 m, will be launched for the winter ski season of this year.

New ski tracks was built on slopes of Elbrus together with it. The new track in the area “Gara-Bashi – Mir” was built in preparation for skiing time. In the framework of the new cable-car construction are worked out the safety of ski slopes on all levels. All problem rocks along the ski areas from which periodically frustrated stone fallings reinforced by gabion nets.

The plans to launch the third stage of the cable car station “Mir” – station “Gara-Bashi” is carried out according to the investment plan of “Resorts of the North Caucasus”. Already completed the installation of the both stations, the construction of the operator’s room at the station “Mir”, was set tension mechanisms and the cable is mounted on poles. All work is carried out under the technology supervision of the French specialists of company POMA in “mode installation supervision”.

The construction of the third line of the cable car on Mount Elbrus has been going on for more than five years. In December 2014 “Resorts of the North Caucasus” was declared the winner by the authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria, in auction for the sale of the cable-car station “Mir” – station “Gara-Bashi”. In June 2015 specialists began work on the installation of the lower section of the station. By the July 2015 all 12 legs of the road have been installed.

In the construction of cable-car segment is using French equipment. All commissioning work will be completed in October. The ski season on Elbrus will start in November and December.

The new line from the station “Mir”, which is located at an altitude of 3455 meters, will allow the lift to get the status of the highest in Europe. So far, the highest mountain cable car on the continent is considered to be the road to the top of the Aiguille du Midi in the western part of the massif of Mont Blanc, which is connected with the French resort of Chamonix. The top station of the cable car is located at an altitude of 3842 meters, while the highest point on Mount Elbrus is located on the 3847 meters.

In the line “Mir” – “Gara-Bashi” operates chair-lift since 1970 year. Most likely it will work even after the commissioning of the new gondola, as the top of two stations locates in different points of the ski slopes. On “chair-lift” traditionally ascent tourists, going to the summit, or those who wish to see the mountain range from another angle.

To raise the other heights the lovers of mountaineering and winter sports are using mostly snow-cats and snowmobiles which deliver from the station “Mir” to “Priut-11” and higher to Pastukhov Rocks.

It should be noted that not only on Elbrus, but also in many European resorts the snowcats and snowmobiles are used to transport tourists. For example, in the French Avoriaz (Savoy region) snowcats are a major means of transportation in the resort.

New section of gondola will be available for people with disabilities, who are also coming on trips to Elbrus.
It will be possible to enter gondola in a wheelchair; the width of the door allows it. The level of platform is aligned with the floor of the gondola on the bottom station and on the top. In order to access to the landing area at ground level are special lifting facilities. The level of second and third lifts stations is combined, the ramp is installed.

The length of the new road on the slope of the line will be 1675 meters. In the lift will operate eight-place gondolas. At first time will be established a small number of cabins, the rest added later. Road capacity will be 750 people per hour, and in the future will be increased to 1.5 thousand people per hour.

Delivered eight-place cabins of gondola type and components which also include solar panels. They will provide an autonomous power supply system of video surveillance and reserve power supply for the upper cable car station. Thus, the lift to Elbrus will be the highest in Europe and one of the most “green” by using modern ecological constructions for effective building.

For the construction of the third stage of the ropeway, improvement and expansion of the ski area during 2015 invested more than a billion rubles.

It’s noted that, according to the master plan, the cable car will eventually be laid on the eastern peak of Elbrus (5621 meters), which is lower the west peak for 21 meters.
The lift will go from “Gara Bashi” to “Priut-11” then up to Pastukhov Rocks, and continue to the top. West Peak is not planned, so that Elbrus would not loose attraction for tourists from around the world who dream to conquer the highest mountain of the continent – said the representative of the company, adding the long-term plans for the development of the resort..

This year “Resorts of the North Caucasus” will spend on the development of Elbrus more than 1 billion rubles. The money will be used not only for the construction of the cable car, but also on the development of tracks and creating an additional system of artificial snow.

Main characteristics.

New Passengers cable-way of gondola type consists of:

  • lower strain station “Mir”
  • upper homing station “Gara-Bashi”
  • intermediate poles
  • vehicles for 35 gondolas
  • garage for gondolas in station “Mir”
  • ski tracks
carrying capacity 1500 persons in hour
length 1675 m
change of altitude 374 m
average inclination 22%
type of cabin for 8 persons
speed 0-5 m/s
distance between cabins 72 m
amount of cabins 35
height of lower station 3455 m
height of upper station 3847 m
amount of intermediate poles 12
time of ascent 4 min. 50 sec.

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