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Treks in the NORTH side of Elbrus area – 10 days

The tour place:
Mt.Elbrus NORTH side
The trip allows to get acquainted with many attractions of the landscape and nature of northern Elbrus. All the routes are going through the natural beauty and wild mountain regions, which are best of all reflects the soul of the North Caucasus. Large plateau with stunning views of Mount Elbrus, glacial and spring lakes, wild rivers, crystal clear streams with trout, birch alpine forests, alpine meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, mineral springs, ancient ruins of villages, menhirs, passes: that’s just a small part of what offered in program. All tracks are under the watchful eye of the main attraction of these places – His Majesty Elbrus. All routes start and end at the base camp at an altitude of 2600 m, situated on a plateau Irahiktyuz and designed for one day hiking. The camp has all necessary conditions for quality rest and get ready for new adventures. Only one of the trips planned for two days with an overnight stay at 2000 m in sheepyard, which allows you to experience the atmosphere of the true life of the mountaineers. In many places where we go, you’ll want to stay forever. And when you leave it, you want to come back. Always will. There is something here that leaves inside the warm and calm feeling of home, where you leave a large part of your heart and soul. And all this will call you back. It is very beautiful in here. And its all real. The real nature. These mountains. Real people.

Mount KAZBEK climb 5033 m – South route – 9 days trip

The tour place:
Mt.Kazbek SOUTH side
Mount Kazbek, Mkinvartsveri, 5033 meters – an extinct stratovolcano, is the most eastern five thousand meter mount of the Caucasus, located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus, on the border between Russia and Georgia, in the eastern part of the ridge Khokhskiy. The last eruption occurred in 650 year b.c. (written in wikipedia). As on Elbrus, here also hundreds of climbers in summer season, and like Mount Elbrus, Kazbek has its own views and plans and can make severe unforgivable corrections to ANY plans and desires of people. Even lesser height than the Elbrus, Kazbek has other inimitable “surprises”. In general, it is physically easier then Elbrus (it is less for 600 m, and it is a strong factor), but technically – more difficult. There are cracks and crevasses on the glacier route, there is a talus conglomerate, shooting stones and clouds of dust on track, there may be very severe wind forces on the summit camp and on route of climbing. Here climbers were lost in bad weather even equipped totally with all different kits like GPS and satellite phones. But here people survived in conditions where could die. Kazbek – a good, serious mountain that rewards everyone as deserved, but also takes from each what rightfully owed to it.

Bezengi Mountains

The tour place:
North Caucasus mountains
If we look at the Caucasus mountain system in terms of exclusivity and the extreme, then, of course, there are three most prominent places. It is – Elbrus, Mount Kazbek and Bezengi gorge mountains. All other mountainous regions of the Caucasus is not less unique and inimitable, but in combination of extremes, these three places – are ahead of all. Especially when its viewed through the eyes of a climber.
Elbrus and Kazbek are always been interested in their height and relative technical ease of climbing routes at the same time. Two main problems on these mountains – general physical training and weather. Whereas Bezengi mountains demand from climbers a lot more requirements. It would hardly be a mistake to call these massifs the steepest mountains of the Caucasus. Steep – in every sense.

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