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• A unique feature of “Mountain Carousel” – alpine zone, where snow does not melt until mid-summer.
• By now two lines of gondola lift between the stations at levels 540, 960 and 1450 m are working.
• 4-place lift leading to the ski areas for beginners.
• 2 tow roads on the lower station of the second lift (on training tracks).
• In late 2010, plans to launch a new line of lifts of the third stage to the level of 2150 m.
• The total length of tracks by now – more than 9 km.
• 9 tracks of different difficulty levels.
• 1 “Black” track – the only one in the Krasnaya Polyana yet.

The project started on Oct. 8, 2004, and in Sept. 30, 2006 was launched the first stage cableway between the two stations at the levels of 540 and 960 m.

26/12/2008 was the opening of second lift and put two tracks. Their length – 6470 m. At one and the same time its possible to ski here – 2 thousand people.

From December 27, 2008 Complex “Mountain Carousel” began to accept visitors and is becoming one of the most popular places for active rest of residents and visitors of Sochi. In operation now, there are two lines of modern gondola lifts production company «Poma» (France) between the stations at levels 540, 960 and 1450 m and 7 km of ski slopes (2 “green”, 2 “blue”, 3 “reds” and 1 “Black” track – the only one in the Krasnaya Polyana) and 2 tow roads at the lower station of the second stage (on training tracks).

In late 2010, plans to launch a new line of lifts of the third stage to the level of 2150 m and to complete construction of the “red” track No 31 length of more than 3 km from the level of 2150 m to 960 m through the station at level 1450 m.

Tracks and lifts of the complex equipped with all necessary safety features. Service infrastructure of “Mountain carousel” now includes a ski school staffed by highly qualified instructors, the service of modern ski equipment, and preparing to open children’s ski school.

A unique feature of “Mountain Carousel” – alpine zone, where snow does not melt until mid-summer.

The period of winter operation – from November to May, cable cars work – from 9:00 to 17:00.

In the complex “Mountain Carousel” in the 2009 season except tracks and lifts operate also parking, cafes (on the lower and upper stations), rental equipment and services of trainers (training of ski and snowboard).

Complex meets the highest standards of quality and comfort. In addition to the ski infrastructure, the project provides all types of services that meet the modern requirements of the industry.

Cableways and tracks
Now in resort works two lines of the gondola cablecar of French company «Poma», famous for comfort and safety of their lifts:
– “Carousel-1” – 1-st stage gondola cableway (the lowest point 540 m, top point – 960 m above sea level)
– “Carousel-2” – 2-nd stage gondola cableway (highest point – 1450 m above sea level)
– “Carousel-8” – a modern 4-place lift leading to the ski area for beginners (blue and green tracks)
– 2 tow roads on the lower station of the second stage (on training tracks)
BEFORE THE NEW YEAR IS PLANNED TO RUN LIFT “Carousel-3” – 3-rd line cableway (upper point of 2200 m above sea level)

resort Carousel::lift Carousel-1
lift Carousel-1
resort Carousel::lift Carousel-1
lift Carousel-1
resort Carousel::lift Carousel-1
lift Carousel-1

Tracks and Pistes
At this moment in the resort of “Mountain Carousel” 9 tracks (2 green, 2 blue, 4 red and 1 black – only one in Krasnaya Polyana) with a total length of about 10 km. At one and the same time there can ski up to 2500 people.

Instructor office at the “Mountain carousel” 
Training services for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of Mountain carousel provides by a group of companies “Rosengineering” having experience both in Russia and Europe’s largest mountain ski resorts.
As part of the team instructors, working on the Mountain carousel, the master of sports of international class, candidates for master of sports and athletes. Training is conducted on a special Austrian methodology, adapted to local conditions.

Ski complex Mountain Carousel

The cost of ski passes in resort Mountain Carousel.

Costs are given in Rubles and active only on lifts of Mountain Carousel :

  1. Ski pass adult “Weekday” – 1100 Rub.*
  2. Ski pass children “Weekday” – 550 Rub.
  3. Ski pass adult “Weekend” – 1300 Rub.**
  4. Ski pass children “Weekend” – 650 Rub.
  5. Ski pass for 7 any days adult – 7000 Rub.
  6. Ski pass for 7 any days children – 4000 Rub.

*Skipass “Weekday” valid Monday through Thursday and is the most economical.
**Skipass “Weekend” valid Friday through Sunday.

“Mountain Carousel” as an Olympic object

Sport-tourist complex “Mountain carousel” – a world-class Olympic object in Sochi – the capital of a future Winter Olympics in 2014. It is located in the area of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi National Park and surrounded by the Caucasian reserve.

The first stone of the ropeway was built in 2004, and in September of 2006 launched the first stage of the ropeway. Construction of sports and tourist complex will be completed by 2012.

The project envisages construction of 28 ski lifts of gondola, chair lifts and tow type. Ski slopes of the complex, the total length will be more than 75 km, take a square of about 350 hectares. Last, the uppermost lift station will be located at an altitude of 2400 m (currently the maximum height for skiers in Krasnaya Polyana, 2,238 m). Arrangement of lines is in accordance with the existing topography, which implies a minimal change of the natural landscape.

In total, in project will be laid 6 “green” (lowest complexity), 8 “blue” (intermediate), 16 “red” (high complexity) and 6 “black” (maximum complexity) slopes with total length of 75 km. Thus, the “Mountain Carousel” will be a resort with the greatest extent of slopes in Krasnaya Polyana among all planned or under construction for today. The installation of equipment for artificial snow will extend the ski season.

In addition to new lifts and ski tracks in the “Mountain Carousel” planned shopping centers, four-and five-star hotels, cottages, apartments club type. The complex will accommodate 12 thousand visitors at a time.

Also under the project in 2013 will be built Olympic media-village, which includes hotels of category 3* total area of 100 thousand square meters. for 2150 rooms, and objects of the service infrastructure: shopping, entertainment and sports center, aqua-park, tennis courts, restaurants, offices, parking, clinic, office buildings, traffic control points, in February 2010 – a springboard complex, and in October 2012 all works on Olympic objects “Mountain carousel” will be completed.

Sports infrastructure “Mountain carousel” also includes a set of jumps (jumps Olympic K-125 and K-95) and grandstands with a capacity of 15,000 spectators. Location of complex springboards hidden from direct sunlight and wind. The architecture of the project involves the maximum use of local mountain topography.

Territory Development – 950 hectares, the area ski slopes – 135 hectares, the total length of tracks – 70 km.

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