Resort Gazprom Laura

• Mount-tourist center is located in close proximity to the Grand Hotel Polyana
• Upper platform – Plateau Psekhako – situated at an altitude of 1,436 meters.
• Ascent to Psekhako takes about 12 minutes.
• The resort has 6 cableways.
• 16 tracks of different difficulty levels.
• 5 tracks lit for night skiing.
• The total length of tracks – more than 12 km.

Mount-tourist center “Gazprom” – is a modern tourist center, which opened in 2008, located in resort Krasnaya Polyana, near the village of Esto-Sadok, near Laura River, in 45 km from the airport “Adler” and the Black Sea. Located in close proximity to the “Grand Hotel Polyana” and its component part.

Informally, the name “Laura” to complex was given from the name of the river, near where it is located – among the high ridges of the Caucasus Mountains Achishkho and Aibga on the territory of Sochi National Park.

The tourism complex can accept up to 8000 guests daily.

At the bottom cableway is a spacious complex with a separate two-way entrance, where located indoor parking for 400 cars, changing rooms (11 people can change clothes at the same time), rental of ski equipment (10,010 sets), cloakroom, boutiques of famous sports brands «Bogner» and «Escada Sport», where a full range of the latest collections of ski clothing and equipment, sport bar “Mountain League” and screen-bars, also works shop, an ATM – all this is the infrastructure of a modern complex.

In the complex landing gondola cableway “A” is clockroom. Center Gazprom has a multi-level covered car parking.

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Convenient rental of any equipment and changing rooms are located in the cash hall, before boarding the gondola cableway “A”.

The first gondola type cableway “A” of the Austrian company Doppelmayr, modern high-speed lift delivers skiers on the upper area of the complex – Psekhako ridge (1436 m above sea level).

At the platform Psekhako works two bars. Another bar located between the tow roads “C” and “E”, two bars – between tow road “E” and new chairlift – “F”. “Schirm bars” offer hot drinks, snacks.
Database of trainers and professionals to teach freeride and medical center are on platform Psekhako.

Being in close proximity to the Grand Hotel Polyana the complex provides a wide range of additional opportunities for sports and leisure. Novelty of the season, which offers by Grand Hotel Polyana, became the online ski and snowboard simulators of firm SKYTEC. Now its possible to sharpen the technique of skiing on the ski slopes without leaving the the sports club. Unique simulators will help both experienced and beginners snowboarders and skiers to keep fit and train in all weather conditions.

Between the cable car station and the hotel runs every 10 minutes electric car.

Getting there: if driving from vill. Krasnaya Polyana not reaching ~ 400 m to the complex Alpika-Service there is a turning to the left (behind the restaurant “Polyana”) along the river Laura, about 500 meters – and you at the station “Laura”. Next is the Grand Hotel Polyana.

Ticket office open from 09:00 to 16:00 without a break.

Cableway runs until 18:00

Ski complex Gazprom Laura

Lifts and Ropeways 

Ski complex includes six lifts. Along the tracks built 4 cablecars and 2 rope tows cable cars of the Austrian company Doppelmayr, the total length more than 8 km. Maximum lifting height – 1436 meters, vertical drop – 886 meters (from 1,436 to 550 meters).
The first lift – gondola type, its length three kilometers. Modern high-speed lift delivers skiers on the upper area of the complex – Psekhako ridge (1436 m above sea level). Capacity of cabins – 8 people. Carrying capacity – 1200 people per hour. Lifting Time – 12 minutes. At one and the same time, on the line can be up to 78 cabins-gondolas.

From this site Psekhako acctually starts skiing in different directions, where laid five cableways of total length about five kilometers (3 chairlifts and 2 tow roads). All cable cars are equipped with modern access control system using magnetic cards.

Number of lifts Type of lift The length of the ski lift (m) Capacity
1 Lift A 8-seats cabin-gondolas 3015,3 2000 persons/per hour
2 Lift B 4-seats chairlift, open cableway with foot pegs 983,7 1200 persons/per hour
3 Lift C 1-place tow lift with base plate 333,53 704 persons/per hour
4 Lift D 4-seats chairlift, open cableway with foot pegs 1230,05 1000 persons/per hour
5 Lift E 1-place tow lift with base plate 638,22 700 persons/per hour
6 Lift F 6-seats chairlift, open cableway with foot pegs 1580,24 3000 persons/per hour







Tracks and Slopes

Ski complex “Gazprom” has 16 operating ski slopes of different complexity. Trails are equipped with modern safety Italian firm Liski. There are 16 equipped slopes of more than 15 km, particularly for beginning skiers, snowboarders and children. There are 3 tracks of “black” ski – for real professionals. Tracks “B” are located along the chairlift 4-seater cableway “B”. Track B1 – red, of increased complexity. Tracks B2, B3 and B4 – blue, medium difficulty. These tracks are designed for trained skiers and snowboarders.

Route C1 – green, is associated with the tow road “C”, is designed for beginners and children.
Route D1 – blue, medium difficulty. It serves the 4-seater chairlift «D». The track is designed for trained athletes.
Route E1 – green, designed for beginners and children. The rise is carried out on rope tow “E”.
Slopes F1, F2, F3 – black, high complexity, focused on advanced riders. Tracks F4, F5, F6, F7 and F8 – red, increased complexity, designed for Skiers and Boarders who have good experience of riding in the mountains. All the tracks «F» served by 6-placechairlift «F».

All tracks of mountain tourist center “Gazprom” have the mesh fence, beyond which not permitted ski area by administration.

Tracks of varying difficulty: blue, red, black and green. The minimum length of the track – 350 meters, maximum – 2500 meters. The minimum angle slopes – 7%, on some routes angle reaches 50%.

Period of winter operation – from December to April from 9:00 to 23:00. All the tracks B, C, D and E have the evening light. Night skiing is open from 17:00 to 23:00. Children’s skiing is recommended on the green slopes of C1 and E1. Children who have experience skiing in the mountains can enjoy the blue trails B2, B3, B4 and D1.

tracks Length (m) Width (m) Vertical Drop (m) Complexity
1 E 702 35 67 green
2 C 464 40 30 green
3 D 1292 35 190 blue
4 B1 973 30 100 blue
5 B2 835 35 100 blue
6 B3 420 35 90 blue
7 B4 819 25 150 red
8 F4 566 35 180 red
9 F6 753 35 150 red
10 F7 404 35 180 red
11 F8 754 35 180 red
12 F5 1715 30 516 black-red
13 F1 856 30 450 black
14 F2 235 30 50 black
15 F3 1092 30 350 black

The cost of ski passes in resort Gazprom Laura.

Costs are given in Rubles and active only on lifts of Gazprom Laura :

  1. Ski pass adult “Weekday” – 1000 Rub.*
  2. Ski pass children “Weekday” – 500 Rub.
  3. Ski pass adult “Weekend” -1200 Rub.**
  4. Ski pass children “Weekend” – 600 Rub.
  5. Ski pass adult “Evening” – 900 Rub.***
  6. Ski pass children “Evening” – 450 Rub.
  7. Ski pass adult “Weekday 9-23” – 1200 Rub.****
  8. Ski pass children “Weekday 9-23” – 600 Rub.
  9. Ski pass adult “Weekend 9-23” – 1500 Rub.
  10. Ski pass children “Weekend 9-23” – 750 Rub.

*Skipass “Weekday” valid Monday through Thursday and active from 09.00 a.m till 17.00 p.m.
**Skipass “Weekend” valid Friday through Sunday and active from 09.00 a.m till 17.00 p.m.
***Skipass “Evening” valid Monday through Sunday and active from 09.00 a.m till 23.00 p.m.
****Skipass “”Weekday and Weekend 9-23” active from 09.00 a.m till 23.00 p.m.

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