Ski resort Alpika-Service

Ski complex Alpika Service was opened in 1993.
• The total length of public slopes – about 25 km.
• The total length of equipped tracks – about 7 km.
• 5 stages cableway: 1st – 540 m, 2nd – 790 m, 3rd – 1144 m, 4th – 1500 m, 5th – 1112 m
• Ski slope with a height difference of 1,688 m and a length of about 9 km.
• The route along the first, second and third stages of ropeway is laid in the forest zone, its width varies from 50 to 150 meters and the length of the standard version – not less than 7 km.
• 4th stage, passing along the ridge, allows you to ride on an unbounded space in the alpine zone. The length of the descent from 2 to 6 km with a height difference of 728 m, virgin slopes for lovers of off-piste.

Lifts and ropeways “Alpika”

The ski resort “Alpika-service” at the moment consists of 5 Pendant Passenger Lifts – four consecutively arranged pair-rope chairlifts and parallel to the third stage of the lift works four-place modern cableway.

In 1993 was built 1-st stage of cableway with applieng of domestic developments in this field. In 1995 was opened the 2-nd stage. In 1997, finished construction of the third stage of domestic production.In 2001 was built the 4-th stage of Austria production which opened to skiers fabulous snow-capped mountains of range Aibga that previously could be reached only by helicopter.

In 2004 was built 5th lift of French production parralel to 3rd line. Running of this road in operation eliminated the queues of skiers in the most popular ski area.

All cable cars are equipped with modern access control system using magnetic cards.
Accept cableways at the third stage is rope tow for skiing of beginners.

The upper station of the fourth line at an altitude of 2238 m is the only complete alpine outlook in the Caucasus with review of 360 degrees and visibility up to 100 km.

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Cable Car Line Vertical Drop (m) The length of the chairlift (m) Length of the tracks (m) Lift Power (persons/per hour) Vertical Drop (m) Stable snow cover
Alpika-1 550-790 1309 2800 1200 240 Jan-March
Alpika-2 790-1144 1100 2300 850 354 Jan-April
Alpika-3 1144-1500 1050 2300 700 356 Jan-May
Alpika-4 1500-2238 1637 6000 600 738 Nov-June
5th lift 1112-1561 1312 2300 1200 449 Jan-May
Rope tow 1180-1227 300 47 Jan-May


• Rise time for each line 12-15 minutes.
• Total length of trackes equipped about 7 km.
• The total length of all slopes about 25 km.

Tracks and slopes “Alpika”

All the tracks are laid along the northern slope of the ridge Aibga, rushes up by several peaks up to 2,509 m (mount Kameny Stolb or Stone Pillar).
Elevation change on the slopes is 1,698 m (from 540 to 2238), included by these parameters in the top ten resorts in the world. Skiing season usually lasts from mid-December to late April. Snow depth can be up to 6 meters in the middle of winter.

Tracks of the first three lifts are constantly worked up by snowcats. There are gentle slopes here for children and beginners, and fast tracks for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

In the circuses of 4th stage (Shumihinsky and Salymovsky) natural conditions for off-piste skiing. Runs along the ridge of the mountain and leads to the virgin Alpine fields – the perfect place for freeriding. The length of the descent from 2 to 6 km with a height difference of 728 m.

The resort offers a wide selection of prepared tracks of varying difficulty. Their total length exceeds 25 km, and the seasonal period of skiing becomes longer becouse of special treatment.

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The cost of ski passes in resort Alpika-Service

Costs are given in Rubles and active only on lifts of Alpika-Service :

  1. Ski pass adult “Weekday” – 1000 Rub.*
  2. Ski pass children “Weekday” – 500 Rub.
  3. Ski pass adult “Weekend” – 1200 Rub.**
  4. Ski pass children “Weekend” – 900 Rub.
  5. Ski pass for 10 any days adult – 9000 Rub.
  6. Ski pass for 10 any day children – 4500 Rub.
  7. Ski pass adult “Halfday” – 800 Rub.***
  8. Ski pass children “Halfday” – 400 Rub.


*Skipass “Weekday” valid Monday through Thursday and is the most economical.
**Skipass “Weekend” valid Friday through Sunday.
***Skipass “Halfday” is active from 13.00 till 17.00 p.m from activation moment.

Ski complex “Alpika-Service”

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