To the Yusengi Gorge

The Registration certificate of the tour

1. Region of the journey Elbrus region
2. From of tourism Mountain-hiking
3. Category of complexity
4. Kind of the tour Radial
5. Duration of the tour 5 or 6 hours
6. Number of kilometers 12 kilometers

The necessary equipment

The person equipment The group equipment
1. The tourist boots 1. The first-aid set
2. The weatherproof suit 2. One rucksack for the camp breakfast for every five person
3. Goggles



The plan of the tour (the diagram of motion).

Sections of the tour Time Way of motion Rest places Basic excursions objects
1. The furcation of the road at the beginning of the Yusengi Gorge -the bridge to the beginning of the road 30 min hiking The bridge to the beginning of the ascent The Yusengi Gorge, The river Yusengi, the panorama of summits
2. The bridge-the upper line of the forest One and half an hour hiking The panorama of summits
3. The upper line of the forest-the brook 30 min hiking Near the brook The panorama of summits
4. The brook-the north shelter of the Becho Pass 50 min hiking The north shelter The Becho Pass
5. The north shelter-the brook 30 min hiking Near the brook
6. The brook-the upper forest-line 20 min hiking Near the brook
7. The upper forest line -the furcation of the road at the beginning of the Yusengi Gorge 50 min hiking

The brief description of the tour

The Yusengi Gorge is the lateral and south branch of the Baksan Gorge. It is located between the north spurs of the Great Caucasian Range: the Kogutai spur in the west and the Yusengi spur in the east.

In the upper reaches of the Yusengi Gorge is the Becho Pass. Its altitude is 3,375 meter. It is 1B category of complexity. The character of the way is snowy and icy. The Becho Pass leads to the Svanetya to the gorge of the river Dolra that is the tributary of the Ingury River. The Yusengi River is the right tributary of the Baksan river. It begins from the East Donguz-Orun Glacier. The lower part of the gorge is covered by forest. There are alpine grasslands in the middle of the gorge. There is a morainal valley in the upper reaches of the gorge.

From the bridge over the river Baksan turn along the passage to the earth road. The road goes west along the right bank of the Baksan river. Then it becomes the path which leads to the beginning of the ascent along the Yusengi Gorge (it is 800 meters from the bridge). Turn to the left from the motion direction and up along the right slope of the gorge above the Yusengi River. The path is alone and it goes only south. After one and a half-hour walking from the bridge the path comes to the upper forestline and then to the north shelter. The altitude is 2.475 meters.

From the north shelter you can see the morainal cap of the upper reaches of the gorge. The Yusengi River has a wide flood-land here and has some streams. The cap is restricted by the part of the greater Caucasian Range with the Becho Pass in it. To the left of the Becho Pass you can see the dome-shaped summit of Mount Yusengi. After the short rest near the north shelter the group returns to the bridge over the Baksan River along the ascent line.



The plan scheme of the tour “To the Yusengi Gorge”

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