Border Permit

Ltd. KavkazSkiTur provides assistance in obtaining permits for the right to travel and move in the border areas with Georgia in Republics of Caucasus i.e. Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia etc and in the border regions of Abkhazia in Sochi the Krasnodar region.

To the south the Elbrus region and whole Caucasus has border with Georgia. So the south side is Special border control zone where tourists must have Border permits. Its the valleys Adyr-Su and Adyl-Su – popular acclimatization places for Elbrus climbers. The Border Permit is given in city Nalchik by FSB (Federal Security Service) and must be applied 2 months before arrival with all passport and personal details.

The minimum term of decision and making permits – 1 month or 30 working days.

Foreign tourists also must have local registration which makes hotel or place of residence in the local visa and registration office FMS (Federal Migration Service).

    Data about Leader of the group :

    Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the request.

    KavkazSkiTour LLC assists in obtaining passes/permits and delivery of documents is possible on condition of booking services and transport services from cities of Nalchik, Mineralnye Vody, Pyatigorsk, Nevinnomyssk etc.

    Registration of border permits is carried out in accordance with the order of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation of August 7, 2017 No. 454 on the approval of the rules of the border regime. The rules can be found on the website

    Lists of the participants of the group and applications (download form to fill out) for a pass must be submitted at least one month before arrival.

    Required information about the group for issuing a pass:

    • Last name First name Middle name;
    • Date and PLACE of birth;
    • Passport number;
    • Expiry date;
    • When issued;
    • Place of issue;
    • Home address;

    The group leader and all tourists must provide copies of the pages of an identity document (passport copies).

    The given information about the group must be arranged as a list in the form of a table in Word or Excel format.

    To complete an application for a pass/permit, you must also provide the exact itinerary and dates of stay in Russia and border areas.

    The cost of issuing border passes :

    In Kabardino-Balkaria Republic :

    • up to 10 people in a group — 1000 rubles/person;
    • from 10 people and more in a group — 500 rubles/person

    In other Republics of North Coucasus :

    • up to 10 people in a group — 1500 rubles/person;
    • from 10 people and more in a group — 1000 rubles/person

    ATTENTION! The minimum term for accepting lists is 1 MONTH.

    A necessary condition for issuing a pass is a transport order.

    Required data for ordering a transport:

    • Full name;
    • Train/flight data (train, wagon number);
    • Train/plane arrival time;
    • Phone number and email.