Visa Invitation

For the processing of the visa we send to your address an invitation, with which you are to appeal to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Russian Federation in your country. For the processing of the invitation we should know the ff. information :

After obtaining this information we send you a Confirmation of your invitation and a Voucher by E-mail or by post.

    Information needed for Visa invitation :

    (single term of stay 1 month)

    Invite letter


    For Russian Travel Visa required a visa support document – a visa invitation. This is often called “visa support” or “invitation letter” and has to be issued by the party inviting you to Russia i.e. Travel agency.

    Our company can provide you with single or double entry tourist invitation within 24 hours.

    Visa Invitation:  Tourist Confirmation and Voucher.

    Corresponding Authority: A Russian travel agency which is properly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and which also possesses a valid “tour reference” number. We are reliable travel agency which can provide you with your registration once you are in Russia, with other support services on your arrival. Order services together with your tourist visa support and save your money!

    It’s worth keeping in mind

    • It is always better to ask the Russian consulate whether they accept copies of invitations which have been sent to you by fax or e-mail, or whether they only accept originals. You should specify this to the company or individual who arranges your Russian visa invitation to ensure that your invitation and visa are processed without problems or delays.
    • Please take note that a letter from your friends or business partners cannot be regarded as official support documentation and is therefore not valid for obtaining a Russian travel visa. The invitation can be issued only by a registered Russian travel agency or by a company or organisation authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
    • Choose a trustworthy agency/company/partner to provide you with Russian visa support. Before placing your order, make sure that the agency can be easily contacted and provides its address and valid phone number; has experience of at least several years of work with Russian visas and will be able to provide you with your registration in the city, where you will be staying. It must also be able to help you in exceptional cases.

    visa obtaining guidance

    • Obtain necessary visa invitation to Russia
    • Contact your local Russian Consulate to find out their requirements for obtaining visa
    • Prepare the required package of documents
    • Apply for the visa at the Consulate and pay the Consular Fee
    • Pick up and check your visa to make sure that the information is correct.

    It’s worth keeping in mind

    • The cost of the visa or the Consular Fee depends on the type of visa you need (from 35 Euro) and on your citizenship. Fees are charged according to the bilateral agreements between Russian Federation and your country of origin.
    • As a rule, if you change your mind and wish to withdraw your visa application, you don’t get your money back – visa fees are paid for consideration of the application and are non-refundable.
    • A visa issue procedure usually takes 14 days but for an extra fee can be arranged in one day.

    Documents needed for a Tourist Visa

    • A valid and signed original passport with at least one blank page, and which is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of your stay.
    • Two copies of theRussian visa application form (questionnaire), completed (all questions need to be answered) and signed.
    • A passport-size photograph (some consulates ask for two copies, signed on the reverse)
    • A Tourist Invitation

    It’s worth keeping in mind

    • Photos must be matte-finished, not glossy, in order for the consulate stamp to properly adhere! The usual size required is 3 x 4 cm or 1,5 x 2 inches.
    • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Russian Visa!
    • Some Consulates require a photocopy of the vital pages of your passport in addition to the original, together with the personal data of the bearer (including amendments, passport validity extension, the bearer’s name change, etc.)
    • A visa application form is different for US citizens and non-US citizens.
    • Citizens from either a Shengen State must send a ’Card of Insurance’ with their visa application.
    • For some types of visas, and for citizens of some countries, Consulates may demand additional documents such as proof of medical insurance, work or residency permit, or proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Russia. Failure to provide the correct details could lead to the refusal of your visa.
    • It is always best to consult your local Russian Consulate to find out whether any additional documentation is required.
    All visitors to Russia need an entry visa, except for:

    Nationals of the following countries:

    • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (CIS countries).
    • Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia (With official invitation, tourist voucher and passport stamp “poslovno”).
    • Croatia, Israel, Venesuela, Angola, Abkhazia, Angola, Albania, Bolivia, Brasilia, Syria, Chile, Philippines,  Turkey, Thailand, Argentina, Guatemala (For the stay of maximum 90 days).
    • China (Tourist groups of 5 pax and more with official representative of the authorized tourist company).
    • Cuba (For the stay of maximum 30 days).
    • Mongolia (With official invitation or tourist voucher).
    • Children under the age of 16, enlisted in their parents’ passport

    NB Children traveling with their own passport must have separate Russian visa and register it upon arrival.