One day
Elbrus area, Kabardino-Balkaria

The first part of the trip is described hereBaksan canyon

One of the most interesting objects for fans of hiking are the Terskol Gorge and the Terskol waterfall. It is not too difficult to overcome this route, but it delivers a lot of unforgettable impressions. Tourists have the opportunity to see: unique basalt rocks that originated from volcanoes, massive Terskol and Gara-Bashi glaciers, incredible panoramas of Elbrus, a chain of ridges of the Caucasus Mountains.

The Terskol waterfall is rightfully considered the most beautiful water cascade in the Elbrus region. From a great height in a bed formed by a basalt colonnade, huge streams of water fall with a roar, breaking on the rocks into billions of splashes sparkling in different colors under the rays of the sun.

Here you are left alone with nature, and on the hill you can see the panorama of the royal peaks that the Caucasus is famous for. Landscapes open on the slope of the mountains are stunning and bewitching!

Tour program



We go till village Terskol by minibus for 2 hours.

Hiking to Terskol valley.

The Terskol valley is located between two ridges of Mount Elbrus: the southeast Terskol ridge and the east Tegenekli ridge. Above the upper part of the gorge the Terskol Glacier hangs falling down the slopes of Mount Elbrus and giving the beginning to the river Terskol.

The Terskol Gorge is located in the north from village Terskol. At first we cross over the bridge of the river Terskol lower the farmyards. Then we go along the path on the left slope of the gorge above the river Terskol. Leaving the farmyards located on the other bank of the river we descend the path on the bottom of the gorge and reach top the road 100 meters above the upper bridge.

The further route goes along the gorge bottom: at first along the road and then along the path. On the right of the motion direction is the slope of the Tegenekli Range, on the left is the Terskol river and behind it the slope of the Terskol Range of Mount Elbrus. The route directs to the farmyards’ glade. The farmyards’ glade is the place of rest. The further route goes to the upper reaches of the gorge to the left-bank moraine. It is the end of the route. The glacier end like the tongue hangs on the steep rocks like the sheep foreheads. It is possible the ice falling. Do not come up to these rocks near than 300 meters.

The descent way is the same as the ascent way.


Terskol Waterfall

End point of the route — Terskol Waterfall.

Return to Nalchik.

PRICE 2’000 rubles per person
DURATION 10-12 hours
Transport services all along the way
Route guide accompany
Trekking poles
Professional guide (optional) Lunch and snacks
You must have: ✓ Passport, ✓ Snack, ✓ Sports shoes, ✓ Rain clothes
Important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable for the tour, then changes to the planned route are possible, including the day and time of departure.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

    List of personal trekking equipment

    Clothes and shoes
    Cap / panama hat
    Jacket (air temperature early in the morning and late in the evening +8…+12 С)
    Lightweight shirt with long sleeves (protects against burning of the arms and neck)
    Hiking pants
    Trekking shoes and/or thick-soled sneakers
    Flip flops
    Hat, gloves
    Waterproof clothing and/or raincoat
    Trekking poles (reduce stress on the knees). If you have problems with your knees, joints and excess weight, you MUST have trekking poles (you can rent for free from us)

    Equipment and personal items
    Passport / birth certificate of the child (original documents — not a copy!)
    Closed packaging for documents
    Plastic bottle 0.5 l (for drinking water on the route)
    Mug, spoon, knife (for lunch in the mountains ffor tea, a non-breakable mug)
    Backpack for walking (20-25 liters). In the backpack — personal belongings of the tourist and public products for lunch, which are issued by the instructor (400-600 gr)

    Safety & Personal Care
    Toilet paper
    Shoe dryers
    Sunscreen, hygienic lipstick
    Individual first aid kit. Mandatory: elastic bandage, plaster.
    Personal care products

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.