2 days / 1 night
Elbrus area, South side

Trekking route: Cheget glade — Bolshoi Kogutai glacier — forest border — Kogutai peak — Cheget glade. Climb — 3820 m, duration — 2 days).

The Kogutai spur starts from the western peak of the Donguz-Orun massif and goes in a northeasterly direction. On this spur there are two rocky peaks: Big and Small Kogutai.

Brief Tour



Day 1: To the glacier Big Kogutai, to the border of the forest - Bivouac

The Kogutai spur of the Great Caucasian Range begins from the west summit of the Dongus-Orun Massive and leads in the north–east direction. On this spur there are two rock summits: Bolshoi and Maly Kogutai.

From the Cheget Glade we cross the right bank of the river Dongus-Orun over the bridge that is located just near the Cheget Glade in the lower part of the Dongus-Orun Gorge. From here we go to the Kogutai Glade. In the distance of 50-80 meters from the upper and left glade corner of the motion direction begins the good path which goes to the upper forest–line. The further ascent lies over the sub-alpine grasslands. The path comes to the left side of the Kogutai River. The river has some streams. We cross it over the stones and beams. Then go up along the left bank of the Kogutai River over the bottom of the morainal valley. We keep the south direction till the end of the Bolshoi Kogutai Glacier. The end of the tongue hangs on the steep rounded rocks. It is possible the ice falling. Don’t come up to the glacier.

Don’t go to this route if it was raining yesterday because the steep earth path from the Kogutai Glacier to the upper forest-line becomes slippery and dangerous. Don’t decline from the path. Lower on the glade we make camping.


Day 2: Early in the morning, climb to the top of Kogutai (3820 m).

Early in the morning, with small backpack going to the top of Kogutai. After descending to the camp and having lunch, descend down to the Cheget glade.

Leaving the bivouac equipment and taking warm clothes, we start climbing along the stream to the snowfield. We walk along the snowfield, carefully trampling the steps, leaning on the alpenstock. The legs are placed smoothly into the finished steps in order to save the steps for those walking behind. The broken step is sprinkled with snow and trampled down again.

It will take 2-2.5 hours to return to Cheget glade from the place of overnight stay.

*The tour can be realized with a group from 4 pax.

Tour price includes:
tents and camping for 1 night (delivery and setting)
all food in camp: breakfasts and dinners, lunch packages
Qualified guide-instructor;
Trekking pole rental;
all program transport services;
transfers (to/from city or airport).

Additional costs:
personal equipment rental.

Trekking tour does not require exceptional physical fitness, just good health is enough. From the equipment you also do not need any specialized things, here is a short list of what you need:
Sleeping bag and mat. Comfortable clothing for movement, preferably with covered arms and legs, for hiking. Warm clothes, the temperature in the evening at these altitudes can drop to zero degrees even in summer (usually around +10 in the evening, but it can be humid). Raincoat, or waterproof layer of clothing, in case of rain. A cap, (can be buff, or another headdress), can be with a visor to better protect your face from the sun. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. A middle backpack (for clothes, water and food on a hike). Headlamp. Trekking poles or regular ski poles (can be rented from us).
Full list of equipment and clothes please see in a tab.

PRICE 15’000 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME any day by booking
DURATION 2 days / 1 night
Tents and camping for 1 night
Breakfasts and dinners with lunch bags
Transport services all along the route
Professional Guide
Trekking poles rental
Personal equipment rent Extra expanses for porters
You must have all gear enumerated in equipment list.
Important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable for the tour, then changes to the planned route are possible, including the day and time of departure.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

    List of personal trekking equipment

    Clothes and shoes
    Jacket, windproof coat, light.
    Lightweight shirt with long sleeves (protects against burning of the arms and neck)
    Hiking pants, light
    Cap / panama hat
    Flip flops
    Hat, gloves
    Waterproof clothing and/or raincoat
    baseball cap for trekking (with protective brim covering the neck from the sun).
    Fleece cap.
    Thermal underwear.
    Fleece 2 pcs (thin and thicker)
    Fleece gloves.
    Trekking socks (medium and thick) 2-3 pairs.

    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping mat
    Trekking telescopic poles (rental included)
    Trekking boots
    Jacket Gore-Tex or any other membrane
    Pants Gore-Tex or any other membrane
    Alpine sunglasses (protection 3-4)
    Backpack 60 l.
    Thermos 0.5-1 l.

    Safety & Personal Care
    Toilet paper
    Shoe dryers
    Sunscreen and lipstick (Prot 50).
    Individual first aid kit. Mandatory: elastic bandage, plaster.
    Personal care products
    Plastic bottle 0.5 l (for drinking water on the route)
    Mug, spoon, plate, knife (for caming in the mountains, for tea a non-breakable mug)
    Backpack for walking (20-25 liters). In the backpack — personal belongings and products for lunch, which are issued by the instructor (400-600 gr)

    *Equipment can be rented on the spot for an additional fee.

    Transfer airport (city) Nalchik/Minvody — airport or city
    Tents and camping 1 night
    Qualified guide-instructor
    Trekking pole rental
    Intra-route transport services
    Resort fees, Elbrus National Park, Visa support
    Breakfast, lunch bags, dinners
    Additional personal equipment
    COST 15 000 Rubles

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.