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Ingushetia Republic, Russia
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Mountainous Ingushetia is a breathtaking place!

The Dzheyrakh Gorge or the «Emerald of Ingushetia» is a paradise created by nature and man. A picturesque world with legends and centuries-old history against the backdrop of the great Caucasus Range.

A place that delights and surprises! Having been here, it seems that no one will remain indifferent!

Ingushetia is an extraordinarily beautiful republic. These are landscapes of unusual beauty, mineral springs, the purest waters of mountain rivers. And above all this rises the Caucasus Range with its eternal snows. The pearl of Ingushetia is rightfully the Dzheyrakhsky gorge. It is essentially an open-air museum. There are 92 historical monuments here. Including the famous Ingush battle towers. Some architectural structures date back to the second millennium BC, and the unique natural and climatic conditions undoubtedly put Dzheyrakh on a par with such famous Caucasian resorts as Dombay and Elbrus. Fans of ecological tourism and outdoor recreation come here every year.


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Here you can see many sights that will surprise even professional travelers. For example, the ancient Egikal tower complex, built in the 11th-12th centuries. An architectural gem of Ignushetia, one of the largest settlements of antiquity. These are military, guard, residential towers, which have still preserved their history for us. Today, these are unique historical objects. These towers are built of stones of different sizes, which were specially collected for each for 7 years. The area under the tower was watered with milk, and very plentifully. The next day, they looked, if milk does not ooze through the ground, then this site is suitable for construction. Then they dug out a quadrangular base, laid a stone in each corner, and so the construction began. It was very important to have time to build the tower within one year. If the deadline was not met, then the tower was dismantled and this place was no longer used for construction. To this day, the composition of the solution that was used to fasten the stones, which have retained their qualities to this day, is not known. On the first floor of the tower, cattle were most often located, while the second and the rest were used for housing or defense. Here you can see many attractions that will surprise even indifferent travelers.

Silver Spring

Next, we will visit the Silver Spring of Ingushetia, which is famous for more than just healing properties its water, but the ability to heal wounds! The healing properties of the source are confirmed by scientific research. Water is saturated with silver, silver water is able to accumulate bioenergy and share it with people. Everyone knows about the properties of this water and is happy to talk about this curiosity. This water is the strongest natural preservative; it is used for the production of baby food, conservation, beverages, and dairy products. When water is added to flower vases, the flowers last about a month as fresh, and if the seeds are washed before planting with this water, they will germinate faster and the harvest will be richer. Moreover, it is also used for medicinal purposes, it has been proven that it heals wounds, treats diseases of the kidneys, bladder, liver, heart and blood vessels, and even oncology. It is important to follow the rules — to draw water after sunset, such water is stronger, since the sun’s rays are detrimental to silver ions. In addition, the water is simply very tasty, so tourists are happy to stop at this place to try it.


Our next destination is Tkhaba-Yerdy — a Christian temple in the mountains. No one knows when and by whom this temple was built. Historians suggest that it was built on the site of a former pagan sanctuary in the 5th-11th centuries. There is a version that it was built by Georgian Orthodox missionaries. According to historians, the temple was often rebuilt and no one knows how it looked originally. The Thaba-Erdy temple is considered a symbol of the centuries-old brotherhood of the peoples of Ingushetia and Georgia.


Next, Vovnushki defense watchtowers of the early 18th century — strategically important the ancestral castle of the venerable Ozdoev family. A convenient and direct passage through the Caucasus Range passed through the gorge, which was used by the caravans of merchants. The robbers were waiting for them. Vovnushki were a refuge for peaceful merchants and protection for all travelers. Due to its favorable location, the castle could withstand the longest sieges. Mountain slopes reliably protected him from strangers. The appearance of the castle resembles European architecture, historians find it difficult to establish the exact date of its construction. During the construction of the castle on the territory of Ingushetia, there was no Islam, so all the buildings were made in the Christian style. Two combat towers in ancient times were connected by a suspension bridge, which, of course, has not been preserved now. Vovnushki is a masterpiece of tower architecture and a special pride for Ingushetia. The complex is one of the 7 wonders of Russia as one of the most amazing sights of the country.

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PRICE (for a car) 14’000 rubles per car
DEPARTURE TIME 06:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 19:00-20:00
Transport services all along the route
table, chairs, gas stove, kettle;

Guide (optional) Lunch
You must have: ✓ Passport, ✓ Snack, ✓ Sports shoes, ✓ Rain clothes
Important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable for the tour, then changes to the planned route are possible, including the day and time of departure.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.