2 days / 1 night
Dagestan Republic, Russia
4×4 tour, Excursion

We leave Nalchik at 3 am. We have a way through four republics.
The journey till Dagestan Republic will take approximately 5.5 hours.

Derbent is a beautiful old city in Dagestan, located on the Caspian sea coast. Translated from Persian, Derbent means «narrow gate». This place has rich historical and cultural traditions, it is so old that it is considered one of the oldest “living” cities in the world today. Its history is very rich: for many centuries the city, especially its powerful wall, served as a defense against enemy attacks. Being just between the impenetrable mountains on one side and the sea on the other, Derbent survived. Now the city of Derbent is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of mankind. We will dedicate the first day of our tour to sightseeing of all the sights.

And the opportunity to enjoy the dizzying landscapes, take a boat ride through the deepest canyon in the world, see the wonders of engineering and breathe in plenty of alpine herbs while walking in the wild mountains of Sulaksky canyon, you will have the opportunity on the second day.


Day 1 - Derbent

Lun Ekranoplan

Our first stop Ekranoplan «Lun». Perhaps this Dagestan attraction, located near Derbent on the very shore of the sea, has become just as popular and visited, like its ancient fortress. Lun is the world’s only ekranoplan missile carrier — a Soviet naval ship that is able to glide right over the waves at a speed of 500 km / h. They tried to create such military rocket ships in the 70s of the last century, but only one Ekranoplan «Lun» became the only one.

Now Lun is located on the beach of Derbent, and will soon be the central exhibit of the Patriot Park which is constructed.

Next, we will have a guided tour of Derbent.

Naryn-Kala Citadel

The main attraction of Derbent. This stronghold, built in the 6th century, is quite well preserved. This fortress in ancient times blocked the passage between the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea and was a strategically important object. Its area exceeds 4 hectares. The walls of the fortress, which reached a thickness of 3 m, prevented the constant raids of nomads from Southeast Asia. The southern part of the fortification was practically destroyed, but the northern section has survived to this day. Interestingly, throughout the history of its existence, the Derbent walls have survived many invasions. Also, the baths located inside the fortress have survived to this day. On the territory of the citadel there is a cross-domed temple of the 5th century.

Old City

Derbent has a very specific layout and looks like a huge two-layer partition from the dominant height with the Naryn-Kala citadel to the very seashore. This partition consists of two rows of walls — North and South. The southern part is not well preserved and only in three sections. The northern wall is much better preserved. These are the areas that are enclosed between the walls from Freedom Square to Naryn-Kala, their common name is the Old City.

Museum of Culture and Life of Ancient Derbent. Maiden Baths»

It is located in the building of the monument of architecture «Maiden’s Bath» (XIX century on the territory of the ancient historical part of the city, not far from the Juma mosque and the gate «Orta-kapy». Underground baths are a traditional type of construction for the East. Such baths played a big role in a Muslim city, like mosques and bazaars. Baths were built in crowded places, along crowded shopping outlets of the city, in markets, near mosques. People came to the bath not only for bathing, washing, but also to strengthen strength, raise a fallen mood, for relaxation, for a friendly conversation. «Maiden’s Bath» — built in the 19th century. It was intended for washing only unmarried girls. Before the wedding, the bride, accompanied by her friends, musicians, went to the «Maiden’s Bath».
Lunch near Naryn-Kala fortress(included).

Next, we will visit the largest fountain in Russia with fireworks sites and “fire on water” jets. A fountain with nine bowls on two tiers is located in the park named after Nizami Ganjavi. The total area of ​​the fountain exceeds 4.7 thousand square meters; it is made in the artistic traditions of Dagestan from local natural stone. The fountain is equipped with modern technological solutions — jets «fire on water», platforms for launching fireworks, pneumatic water guns, rotary nozzles, water screen. The number of jets is more than 2.2 thousand, and their height reaches 30 meters, which is higher than that of most fountains in Russia.

After we go to the hotel. At your disposal are comfortable rooms, twin and dbl accommodation.

Free time.


Day 2 - Sulak canyon

Breakfast in the hotel. Check out and we leave with all luggage for the Sulak Canyon.

Sulak Canyon is one of the most popular natural attractions of Dagestan.

The canyon stretched across the territory of Dagestan for 53 kilometers. In places it narrows, and in some places the gorge, on the contrary, is so wide that its opposite side is hardly visible. From above, the river looks like a thin and helpless stream, but in fact, Sulak is one of the most full-flowing rivers of Dagestan.

To describe the canyon in simple human words, to be honest, is not easy. Probably because this is something you need to see with your own eyes.

You can diversify the mountain route by taking a boat trip along the turquoise waters of the Sulak River, which flows in the canyon, and look at its grandiose walls from the bottom up.

We look: the upper observation deck, we go down to the lower observation deck, we ride boats.

Then we go to visit a trout farm and a peach orchard to have lunch. Then we go to dunes Sarykom.

Village Dubki — observation place

The first point is the village of Dubki in the Republic of Dagestan — the upper observation deck.

Usually tourists are attracted to Dagestan by the gentle Caspian Sea. But tired of the hot sun and sea rest, they begin to look closely at the mountain coolness. It is at this moment that a trip to Sulak becomes the best decision!

The Sulak Canyon is a very popular natural landmark of the republic among tourists. There are always a lot of local residents who prefer active recreation, and many guests of Dagestan. The most famous and visited place in the republic. More and more tourists from all over the world choose the Sulak Canyon as their vacation spot, because it is actually even steeper than the Grand Canyon.

The canyon is really impressive and leaves no tourist indifferent. Its scale is impressive, and the panoramas are mesmerizing. What a height, view, breathtaking! After all, we see one of the deepest canyons in the world! Even deeper than the famous Colorado Grand Canyon!

Old Zubutli — boat ride

We recommend visiting the canyon from all sides!

After viewing the turquoise surface of the water with the bizarre relief of the mountains from above, you should definitely take a boat ride through the canyon and admire it from below. We will visit the lower observation deck in the village of Old Zabutli and take a boat ride along the incredibly beautiful Sulak River. Green slopes of mountains, light puffs of clouds, peace and grace. A boat trip is paid separately, 600 rubles per person.

Peach Orchard — lunch

We are having for lunch in the Peach Garden. We will go up from the village, on the way we will look at the magnificent views of the river, the greenery of the gardens. The peach garden occupies 7.5 hectares, it has about 300 peach and apricot trees, several thousand vine bushes, several plum and walnut trees. The garden is a family business of the Salmanovs. It is over 30 years old. Now there are places for rest. Here, for an additional fee, we can taste a delicious Dagestan lunch and enjoy fruit and wine. A special highlight is herbal tea, which is brewed on apricot coals and served to guests directly from the samovar.

Sand Dune Sarykum

Barkhan Sarykum, one of the highest in the world, is located on the outskirts of mountainous Dagestan. Its height is more than 250 m, and the size and shape of the peaks are constantly changing at the behest of the winds. The dune itself stands firmly in place thanks to the sparse desert vegetation that covers the slopes. Its age is hundreds of thousands of years old. A sandy outgrowth appeared here long before the founding of Makhachkala city, and even the Republic of Dagestan itself.

Over the secret of the origin of this miracle of nature, more than one generation of scientists is struggling. Indeed, where could an island of a real Central Asian desert with characteristic flora, fauna and climatic conditions come from in a mountainous region? Science put forward a variety of, sometimes completely implausible and fantastic, hypotheses. Today, scientists agreed that the sands were brought here by the wind from the surrounding mountains.

Today, the barkhan Sarykum is recognized as a natural monument and is part of the Dagestansky National Reserve. The reason for this was the unique flora and fauna, found more in the desert than in the middle of the mountains and steppes.

In the rays of the setting sun, an atmosphere of mystery envelops it, and beautiful legends that previously seemed unlikely begin to come to life. In addition, from the top of the dune, a wonderful view of the river, mountains and nearby surroundings opens up.

Entrance ticket to the dune is paid additionally on the spot (150 rubles per person). The path to the dune is not easy, there is a staircase leading up the mountain to the top.

In the foothills of the Narat-Tube ridge, an amazing natural monument awaits us — an incredible, huge, unparalleled in the world, Sarykum sand dune. It means «yellow sand». Where is it from? A piece of the Asian desert with a river rich in flora and fauna among the Caucasus Mountains. Amazing and vast, the largest in Eurasia. With a length of about 12 kilometers, a width of 4 kilometers and a height of up to 250 meters, the dune is really impressive. Moreover, even the climate here is different from the rest of Dagestan! Flora and fauna also correspond to the desert — lizards, snakes, rodents.

Most scientists agreed that a unique phenomenon appeared here under the influence of winds, which for several years blew sand from the rocks to the shores of the lake, as a result of which a dune was formed. Its dunes are simply amazing! It is believed that its age is more than 5 thousand years. Of course, the locals have created many legends about the appearance of this miracle of nature. According to one of them, at this place, on the birch of the lake, the daughter of the khan was killed, who ran away from home with a simple shepherd. The Khan’s servants began to cover the bodies of the lovers with sand, but their blood kept coming out and showing through, coloring the sand. The servants were forced to carry more and more sand until they formed a whole dune.

The unique dune Sarykum is part of the natural reserve «Dagestansky». And this is not surprising. After all, this is the only Russian desert, which ranks second in height in the world!

Return back to Nalchik

The price includes:
Travel by minivan/4wheel car tour class;
Transport services according to the program;
Hotel stay 1 night (twin rooms);
1 lunch in Derbent, 1 lunch on the canyon, 2 breakfasts;
Guided sightseeing tour of Derbent;
Trip to Sulak Canyon;
Trip to Sarykum dune;
Trip to Lun WIG;

Additional costs:
personal expenses
drinks and dinners
boat ride — 600 rubles per person
entrance tickets fees to the dune and museums

PRICE 15’000 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME 02:00 am from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 22:00-23:00 next day
Transport services all along the route
Hotel in Derbent 1 night with breakfast (twin rooms)
Excursion in Derbent with a guide
1 lunch in Derbent and 1 lunch Sulak

Boat ride — 600 rubles per person
Dinners and drinks
Sand dunes and museum entrances (optional)

The program and time of the tour may change. Check with managers for details.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.