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If you have not been in Tsey gorge, then you are not familiar with Ossetia. The Tsey Gorge is one of the few places that has not yet been spoiled by civilization. Here you feel differently, there is an incomparable lightness, energy, they say that there are many places of power in Ossetia where you can recharge your energy. In Tsey we observe special landscapes, especially in autumn, when the foliage changes its color and you begin to understand how beautiful it can be in the mountains, because nature is the best artist. All around are mountain rivers with blue water, yellow-red foliage of trees, snow-capped mountain peaks. Crystal clear water can be drunk directly from mountain rivers. Crystal clear air, crystal clear waters of mountain rivers, a riot of colors, all this makes you breathe deeply. Despite the complete lack of infrastructure, we recommend visiting to observe special landscapes. It is useless to say anything about Tsey. You have to come here and feel this place.

The North Ossetian mountainous region «Tsei Gorge» (Tsey) is located on the northern slopes of the Caucasian ridge. The gorge is located at an altitude of 1300 meters and stretches for 23 kilometers from east to west. This majestic natural structure is formed by the Kalperovsky and Tseysky ridges. Here are the Skaazsky and Tseysky glaciers.

We leave Nalchik from city center at 9:00.


The monument to Uastyrdzhi

Uastirdzhi on the rock is a symbol of the region, its history and pride. The sights of Ossetia would be incomplete without this dynamic monument that welcomes travelers and impresses them with its unchanging grandeur. When we first saw the monument to Uastirdzhi, we simply lost the power of speech from its size, and we can’t believe that a person created it, because its dimensions are truly impressive — a man can easily fit on the arm of a hero! The three-legged horse Uastirdzhi is huge, its head is 6 m, and the height of the hoof is 120 meters. The weight of the monument is 28 tons.

The monument to Uastyrdzhi in the rock is one of the echoes of ancient legends about the great hero George the Victorious. This member of the Ossetian pantheon is the most revered celestial being by the local population, therefore it is he who is the first to meet the guests of the republic, passing along the Transcaucasian highway.


The Zaramag reservoir

In the picturesque high-mountain basin in the upper reaches of the Kasar gorge, the Zaramag reservoir is spread like a turquoise bowl.

When nature change its color standing on the banks of the reservoir, you see incredible pictures — a riot of colors of the surrounding mountains, turquoise water, and it was hard to believe that all this was just a two-hour drive from the bustling city. Silence, clean air and only nature around, everyone should see and feel it.

The reservoir is a picturesque, blue lake. The lake appeared after the construction of the Zaramag hydroelectric power station in the mountains of Ossetia. It is located on the Ardon River, its area is 0.77 km². Together with a guide, you will walk along the most beautiful viewing platforms of this man-made lake.


Monument to Afsati

Protector of hunters. In Ossetia, it is difficult to find a person whose ancestors did not hunt the prey of the beast. Therefore, one of the gods of the ancient Nart epic Afsati, the patron of wild animals and hunters, is still very revered here. At the entrance to the Tsei Gorge, a monument was even erected in his honor: a five-meter deity, seated on a throne, looks at the surrounding mountains and valleys from the top of the hill, as if guarding the animals that live there.

The stone celestial is located on a low, but rather steep rocky hill. There is no road to the top, so it will take a little effort to climb up and see Afsati in all its glory.


Ski resort Tsey

On the way to the ski resort Tsey we meet petroglyphs of Stalin and K. Khetagurov, stop for 5 minutes.

Among the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, at the foot of Mount Adaikhokh, there is an amazingly beautiful gorge with the river Tseydon flowing through it. At an altitude of more than 2000 meters, in this picturesque place, the Tsey ski resort is equipped.

Active recreation and the most beautiful landscapes of the Tsey ski resort will not leave anyone indifferent, Tsey is a place where you want to return.

Ascent by cable-chair lift to the mark of 2256 meters above sea level to the observation deck (paid additionally on the spot).

Return to Nalchik

After a day full of emotions we set off for Nalchik.
PRICE 1’100 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME 09:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 18:00-19:00
Transport services all along the route Tour guide service

Cable ways in resort Tsey (optional)
Lunch 500-600 rubles per person

The program and time of the tour may change. Check with managers for details.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.