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Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Russia
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The Caucasus Mountains are the main attraction of the North Caucasus. What a variety all around — here are large, small, and huge mountains covered with a forest carpet, icy glaciers and bare rocks. The hallmark of the Caucasus is the legendary giant Elbrus. You can see them all in half a day. And believe, it will be one of the most memorable days!

Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe! Here is constantly changing weather, incredibly clean air, amazing and breathtaking panorama of the Main Caucasian Range. Elbrus is amazing and beautiful from any point, both from afar and close. And although it is gradually becoming more and more modern, with new ski slopes and lifts, its originality and severity remain with it forever!

Elbrus Region is a real center of skiing, attracting amateurs and professionals of mountaineering. Incredible heights, dangerous slopes, exciting descents, emotions and adrenaline — all this is the Elbrus region.

Prielbrusye is a center of mountaineering, skiing, of summer and winter traveling.

Prielbrusye (Elbrus region) is the tourist name of the part of the Great Caucasus from the western approaches to Mt. Elbrus up to the basin of the river Chegem in the east. Its southern border passes along the Main Caucasian Range. It is a surprising place with majestic summits coated with the ice caps, the picturesque gorges, numerous waterfalls and a mild mountain climate has the status of the National Park. Here in the small territory presented all the landscape and climatic zones typical of Russia and accordingly there are submitted miscellaneous forms of flora and fauna, some species of which endemics – meet nowhere else on the planet.

Prielbrusye has become one gigantic center of tourism, mountaineering, skiing and simply holiday making. Prielbrusye is a conventional name. The borders of the area have been suggested by nature. At a point beyond the village Elbrus the highway enters a forest where tourist centers, mountaineer camps and sports schools stands amid the trees – this is where Prielbrusye starts, and it ends, as conventionally with the Azau glade.

The region is rich and varied. Here the tourist routes lead through gorges, across mountain passes to mountain lakes and cliffs; they start in the forest, in the damp, cold shade, run crazily along the noisy streams to disappear amidst flowers, now lush in the alpine meadows, now low-growing but immensely bright amidst the snows and screes. Alpine vegetation is very beautiful and varied. Pine and birch woods grow to the 2700-2800 meters line, and individual pines are found at a height of 3000 meters. Higher are alpine meadows.

The sports complex on the slopes of Mount Cheget, a rocky spur between Elbrus and Donguz-Orun, is growing, with cableways, hotels, cafes and shops. The Terskol Tourist Centre is being extended – it along accommodates over 11,000 holidaymakers annually. Terskol was one of the first tourist centers built right in the mountains. Altogether, over 23,000 guests stay every year in the tourist centers of Prielbrusye, while the cableways can carry almost a million people annually. Cableways function the whole year round. Prielbrusye means not only mountain skiing and holidaymaking, it is also rock-climbing and mountaineering. That is why the number of alpine camps is crowing, with the older ones being altered and extended. The development of the region brought with it a number of new tasks, first of all the question of preserving the place unspoiled. Prielbrusye must be preserved with its natural beauty untouched.

We leave city Nalchik at 9 a.m. and return to Nalchik at 7 pm.


Azau Glade

The first stop on our route will be Azau Glade. This is a favorite place for fans of skiing and snowboarding. The close proximity to Elbrus makes the glade very popular. Here civilization ends in the form of paved roads and cable lines begin. For an additional fee, you can climb to the upper platforms. Here we will spend 2 hours, for an additional fee we can organize lunch.


Cheget Glade

We will make our next stop at the Cheget glade at the foot of Mount Cheget. With the help of a chairlift we can climb higher to the top. Here we will have the opportunity to admire the incredible view of the Baksan Gorge, Mount Elbrus and the Seven Glacier of Mount Donguz Orun. Here we can organize a small snack and drink a mountain tea with pine cones.


Narzan Glade

Next stop is Poliana Narzanov. Surrounded by picturesque green slopes, a small valley with several natural mineral springs is very popular among tourists. Here you can try healing water, take narzan baths, take a break and admire the surroundings. After walking around the meadow for 25-30 minutes, we drive back to Nalchik. Optional: snack and tea with pine cones.

We will arrive back to Nalchik approximately at 18-00/19-00.
PRICE 1’000 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME 09:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 18:00-19:00
Transport services all along the route Tour guide service

Eco fee — 150 rubles
Ascent on the Azau cable car 1200 rubles (optional)
Ascent on the Cheget cable car 900 rubles (if desired)
Lunch 500-600 rubles per person

The program and time of the tour may change. Check with managers for details.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.