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North Ossetia Republic, Russia
4×4 tour, Off road

Midagrabinskie waterfalls are a bright landmark of the republic North Ossetia-Alania. The second name of this magical place is the Valley of Waterfalls. In total, we will see 8 waterfalls in the valley. Crystal clear jets of water fall from a great height, it seems as if straight from heaven. The length of the valley is 7 km, at the end of it there are huge rocks with magnificent cascading waterfalls. They rightfully top the list of the Seven Wonders of the Caucasus.

The largest and most fabulous is the Big Zaigelan waterfall. Outwardly it is similar to an avalanche of pure, melt water. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Due to the abundance of waterfalls, the air in the valley is very humid. The smallest spray fills the air with a refreshing coolness. Under the sun’s rays, you can see iridescent overflows that shimmer in the smallest droplets of water. In winter, the waterfall freezes and stops, and huge ice growths remain on the rocks. The spectacle is delightful and magnificent both in winter and in summer. You can’t get close to the waterfall, as the power of the water can carry pieces of ice and stones with it.

Smaller in size — Small Zeygalan.

The rest of the waterfalls are smaller, but also unique. Four Crystal waterfalls and two Green waterfalls flow directly into the river, this is a unique natural phenomenon, usually waterfalls flow into the lake formed by them, and not into «alien» water.

The Midagrabinsky waterfalls are a truly fantastic sight, a magnificent place of incredible beauty. It is associated with many mysteries and legends. This natural creation is definitely worth seeing for everyone with their own eyes.

The Midagrabin gorge, along which we will get to the waterfalls, is amazing in itself! Picturesque landscapes, alpine meadows, magnificent mountains, stormy rivers and a wonderful blue lake, in the water surface of which, on fine days, clouds, rocks, and the surrounding nature are mirrored. Nature here is little touched by man, which gives this place even more uniqueness and grandeur.


Monument to Uastirdzhi

We will make our first stop at the Uastyrdzhi monument.

It is a symbol of the region and its real pride. The sculpture is made right in the rock. This is a huge iron horse with a mighty hero on his back. The dimensions and weight of the monument are impressive! The sculpture is dedicated to the patron saint of North Ossetia — Great George the Victorious.


Fortress and burial grounds Dzivgis

Next, we offer to visit the rock fortress and ancient burial grounds.
Dzivgis is a small mountain village where only a few families live. In fact, this is a natural and man-made open-air museum. Here we will see a sanctuary, a fortress, ancient Ossetian tombs. The city seems to have grown into the rock, organically blending into the surrounding landscape, a unique place, striking in its beauty.

Passing through the territory of Dzivgis, we will get to the ancient burial ground. There are a lot of old crypts here. Through the holes in them you can see the remains of people. Human bones seemed to be mummified in them. It’s mentally hard to be here. This is a real burial with real residents.

A little lower we will see a sanctuary dedicated to George the Victorious. He is carefully cared for by a local family. Holiday feasts are arranged at the sanctuary. There is also a large round stone.


Kurt and Tag Tower

We will be able to admire the medieval watchtowers, learn the legend about the brothers Kurt and Tag. The towers are nothing more than a family castle for a large number of Ossetians. Many Ossetian surnames lead their genealogical tree from Kurt and Tag. The path to the towers is winding and incredibly beautiful.

Several centuries ago, two brothers Kurtat and Tagaur settled in this picturesque place. They founded the village of Ualasykh. In ancient times, about 25 families lived here. The village and the erected tower were of great importance. Ossetian folklore tells a lot about the life of the brothers, including their first falconry.

Unfortunately, due to the conflict, one of the brothers had to leave the village and settle in another gorge. Thus, two large Ossetian societies were formed, to the clans of which many families of Ossetians and the names of new gorges belong — Kurtatinsky and Tagaursky.

A few years ago, it was necessary to carry out strengthening work, as the tower seemed to be descending from the mountain, and there was a risk of its collapse at any moment. In the future, the entire complex will be restored and a historical open-air museum will appear here.



We will visit another Ossetian attraction — the medieval acropolis of Dargavs. Having been in Ossetia, you should definitely visit this iconic place. The city of the dead hides many secrets and legends that the guide will share with you. You will learn why this city stands on this spot, why burials were made in the form of boats and much more.

Dargavs is a truly mysterious place, completely shrouded in legends and mysteries. This place is of great historical importance, its roots go back to the distant past. There is an inexplicable air and aura, incredible views and atmosphere. The indescribable beauty of the ancient necropolis, combined with the surrounding nature and mountains, and then huge burials with the remains of people that can be seen through the holes in the crypts. Peculiar sensations.

Dargavs is the largest necropolis in the Caucasus, otherwise it is also called the “city of the dead”. Still, almost 100 crypts on the slope of one mountain.

By and large, this is a cemetery, which consists of ancient crypts and medieval tombs. It has no inhabitants. It is quite understandable why there are so many mysteries and legends around this place. In the past, many people were afraid of this place and believed that it was impossible to return alive from there.


Midagrabin waterfalls

The end point of our route is the Midagrabin waterfalls!

The program of this jeep tour contains the most popular and beautiful historical and natural sights of North Ossetia, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Cafe & Departure

Before leaving back to Nalchik, we will stop by a cafe to have lunch, rest and share our impressions. At about 17-00 we leave for Nalchik.
PRICE for a car 14’000 rubles per car
DEPARTURE TIME 08:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 19:00-20:00
Transport services all along the route
table, chairs, gas stove, kettle;

Guide (optional) Lunch
You must have: ✓ Passport, ✓ Snack, ✓ Sports shoes, ✓ Rain clothes
Important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable for the tour, then changes to the planned route are possible, including the day and time of departure.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.