It should be noted that mountaineering, or mountain tourism, should not be the only form of increased physical activity of a person in the annual cycle of life. Physical activity is a need inherent in nature in the very essence and structure of man. Everyday physical work has been an integral and forced part of life throughout human existence, however, in recent times, the time of scientific and technological progress, the proper physical work of the body, necessary for the full functioning of a person, is present in much smaller volumes and intensity than nature intended. And therefore, severe physical activity, training, should be constant throughout the year.

Also, it would be nice to elevate this to the degree of sport, when, in addition to the presence of physical activity, a competitive aspect appears. It is important to understand the moment correctly — the competitive aspect is needed not in order to defeat everyone, but in order to make training optimal, rational and, from a physiological point of view, competent. Physical training is not so critical to responsibility, because there are no clear numbers. Going in for sports makes you treat your form objectively and critically, because there are specific numbers here. Result. A person is judged by deeds, and deeds are judged by the result, in sports this is more than true. The winner is not the one who trains the most or the hardest, but the one who has the best result, that is, the one who trains optimally. In sports, initial data play a significant role, but in application for each individual person this is not important, because we are comparing a person who trains from time to time, as he has to (or does not train at all), and the one who trains competently. If he sets himself competitive goals (for example, to improve the time of passing the selected distance in the selected sport), he has a different attitude to the training process.

The best option is to train with a coach and participate in competitions, setting yourself bold serious goals, regardless of factors such as data, age, etc., because these are not factors for those who know what they want. Nature knows no excuses, and does not give concessions, she loves everyone, but also asks from everyone, because she has given everyone enough for a great life, and will take away from everyone who does not want to fight, from everyone who is not interested in the great path of Man. Even if for some time you run (or come) far in the tail, it doesn’t matter, only one thing is important in this context: you went to the start, or you didn’t. Whether you wished to ask yourself for real, or was afraid. Whether you wanted to face the objective truth, or not. Whether you swung at the impossible, considering it an appeal, not a diagnosis, or calmed down. Life is struggle, refusal to struggle is the end.

Competent training with a coach will help you work correctly on the technique of the chosen trainings, improving it, optimizing it and eliminating mistakes that can lead to injuries; correctly distribute the volume and intensity in micro and macrocycles; more objectively, faster and more accurately to develop the correct scheme of work, starting from the peculiarities of the physiology of this particular organism. By the way, putting the training process on the right track entails getting rid of another gross mistake of amateur training — the desire to turn each workout into a competition, which is spurred on by the desire to compete (consciously or not), and the common practice of using various electronic trekkers, with the subsequent posting of the results and the “training diary” on the Internet.

Hiking in the mountains is neither a competition nor an achievement. Part of art — completely, because they, the mountains, being a place of pure and strong, a place of great freedom, are the best way to cleanse a person from wrong thoughts, help him to highlight the essence and get rid of the excess, what prevents him from being human, to follow the great path of Man. But for this, you need to be strong. You can’t be strong here, and when not here — be weak. You have to be strong every day. And every day you need to strive to become stronger. This is part of the path, this is part of the great route.

Many people, perhaps even the majority, climb the mountain in order to be the one who climbed among those who did not climb. From time immemorial, in the nature of the dark side of man, the relationship of oneself with fellow tribesmen by rising above them has been laid down. Most do not even realize this, thinking that they are doing it for themselves. The true “for yourself” is when you go to this mountain without even allowing the thought that at least someone else besides you will know about it. Mountains are not a place for competition. It is foolish to compete with people in a place where there is a stronger opponent — the nature. If you want to compete, train, go to the stadium and compete, there are suitable conditions for this, the same for everyone, stopwatch hands, judges and spectators. Here, try to understand it, you are not for it. Here you are not on the podium and not in the forefront of the column. You came to a huge temple for confession. Well, go ahead and be honest. And be strong.

If, by some weak coincidence, it turned out that the rest of the year on the plain is a time of relative physical inactivity, only few months remained before the mountains, and suddenly there was a realization that it would not be easy, then below is a brief guide to how You can at least slightly improve the situation with the physical form.

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