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Karachay-Cherkessia Republic
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Dombay is a very picturesque place in the south of Karachay-Cherkessia. This village lies at an altitude of 1590 meters — in a valley surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Main Caucasian Range. This is not only a ski resort, but also a great vacation spot in any season. The beauty of nature combined with the power of the elements, the riot of colors of nature — yellow-red-green foliage, dark mountains with white sharp peaks, and all this is covered with forest on the slopes. And the whiteness of waterfalls falling from a height, and yellow-green gorges in which you feel that there is such a power of nature around, against which a person is just something small. The aroma of fresh air directly burns the lungs to a cough, as if in reproach to city life. A special sacrament is mountain lakes untouched by civilization, transparent blue and cold. When you get to Dombay, you realize how quiet everything is, and most importantly majestic and monumental. Beautiful picturesque nature, the purest mountain air, frozen mountain rivers, friendly and very hospitable locals, and of course the magnificent, mighty, huge and legendary Caucasus Mountains.

Shoaninsky temple is a historical landmark in Karachay-Cherkessia, built at the end of the 10th century. There is a version (not confirmed) that this is the oldest Christian church in Russia, and it is still active. However, if we deal with the period of construction, then presumably the Shoaninsky temple appeared at the end of the 10th — beginning of the 11th centuries, which is later than the Zelenchuk churches in Lower Arkhyz and even the Sentinsky temple. Therefore, the sign on the sights, which says that it is the oldest, is in fact in doubt.

Unlike another historical landmark in the area of ​​Dombay and Tebreda — the Sentinsky temple, this one is maintained in a satisfactory condition by the efforts of the faithful residents of neighboring villages and towns, as well as thanks to donations. However, unfortunately, in 2007 unauthorized repairs were carried out, as a result of which the remains of ancient decorative painting, Greek, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Russian inscriptions of various eras and numerous North Caucasian tribal signs-tamgas inside the temple were lost.

Today the temple can be visited as a historical place, to examine it in detail. Next to it are also the ruins of other ancient buildings, since the hillside on which it is located was previously densely built up and populated. An equipped path leads from the temple along a rocky ridge to a small observation deck.

Tour program


Verkhnyaya Mara

Let’s drink tea on the observation deck in the village with a view of Elbrus. Upper Mara, in one of the most beautiful villages of the Karachay-Cherkessia.


Let’s walk along the Dombai glade, take the cable car up.

Teberda Nature Reserve

If we still have time we can visit Teberda Reserve on the way from Dombai.

Shoaninsky Temple

Let’s go up to one of the most ancient temples in Russia — Shoaninsky Temple, from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the mountains, and touch the history.

Return to Nalchik.

PRICE (for a car) 18’000 rubles per car
DEPARTURE TIME 06:00 in the morning
DURATION 12-13 hours
Transport services all along the route
table, chairs, gas stove, kettle;
Guide (optional) Lunch
You must have: ✓ Passport, ✓ Snack, ✓ Sports shoes, ✓ Rain clothes
Important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable for the tour, then changes to the planned route are possible, including the day and time of departure.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.