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How beautiful is the Caucasus at any place, throughout its territory. The Kurtatin Gorge is the best confirmation of this. Along the bottom of this magnificent natural creation, more than 50 km long, the Fiagdon River is comfortably located. A strong, turbulent river, with ice all year round and perfectly clear water. A smooth transition from the diverse greenery of forests to huge mountains and rocks — yes, you can see all this in Ossetia. Fairytale beauty! This is all for which you should definitely visit the Caucasus!

We have prepared a very rich and interesting program. We will visit the male and female monasteries, the famous Sanctuary of Uastirdzhi, the magnificent Trail of Miracles, the mysterious burial grounds of Dzivgis, the watchtower of the famous Kurt and Tag, we will ride a swing over the abyss, we will have lunch in a cafe with local cuisine.

We will leave Nalchik from city center at 9:00.


Alan Convent

The Epiphany Alan Convent is located near the town of Alagir. About 20 years ago, the first nuns of the future monastery settled in the city, and soon a convent was formed.

The monastery was given 15 hectares of land with dilapidated buildings of the former pioneer camp «Voskhod». Gradually, the construction of the monastery began: a temple was erected, residential buildings, a refectory, outbuildings and a house for pilgrims were built. After the tragic events of 2007 in Beslan, a Rehabilitation Center for children who suffered in a terrorist attack was built here. During its existence, the Center has worked with several thousand children and adults. Assistance is provided absolutely free of charge.

Christian relics are kept in the monastery — an icon with a particle of the relics of St. Luke Voino-Yasenetsky, the ark of the Great Martyr Elisabeth Feodorovna with particles of the relics and nun Barbara. Moreover, there is a holy spring of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the waters of which have healing properties.

We recommend bringing empty bottles for water and headscarves for women.


Monument to Uastirdzhi

We will visit with you one of the main attractions of the region, which is located in the Alagir Gorge. This is a huge, majestic monument, made right in the rock. This should be seen by everyone visiting Ossetia.

In ancient times, Uastyrdzhi was identified with George the Victorious, who was the patron of North Ossetia, helped travelers and warriors. Many shrines have been built in his honor, and we will visit the most famous of them. It was built in the 14th century, just when the road to Transcaucasia was being laid. Unfortunately, rockfalls often happened here and sometimes they claimed many lives. To hide from stones, travelers stopped at the very entrance to the gorge and prayed for help from the heavenly powers. Thus the sanctuary was made.

Subsequently, a monument to Uastirdzhi was erected. This is one of the largest monuments in the world. It weighs over 28 tons. A person is freely placed on the palm of the hero. The sculpture was delivered by helicopter. After some time, the sculpture tilted noticeably, and a team of climbers carried out restoration and strengthening work on the monument.
From the side it seems as if the hero on a giant horse just jumps right out of the rock hanging over the road! Amazing spectacle!


Fortress and burial grounds Dzivgis

The basis for strengthening in the rocks was natural recesses, formed over time under the influence of water and wind. The fortifications completed from stones seem to have merged with Mount Kariu-hoh and are not noticeable at first sight! The entrances to the caves are lined with stone walls. The structures are made at different heights. Some of the caves are simply huge, they can accommodate about a hundred people at a time! Dzivgis Fortress is a whole complex of structures that served for defense in the Middle Ages. These are 6 caves of different sizes, with attached stone fortifications.

The most important fortification is of impressive size and is located below. We will be able to look inside by climbing the stone stairs. We will see many small loopholes in the walls. There were fierce battles with enemies. The cave ends with a large recess, resting on a dead end.

The rest of the buildings have a passage through the paths carved into the rocks and all kinds of makeshift stairs. In case of danger, they were quickly hidden so that the enemy could not climb them.

Passing through the territory of Dzivgis, we will get to the ancient burial ground. There are a lot of old crypts here. Through the holes in them you can see the remains of people. Human bones seemed to be mummified in them. It’s mentally hard to be here. This is a real burial with real residents.

A little lower we will see a sanctuary dedicated to George the Victorious. He is carefully cared for by a local family. Holiday feasts are arranged at the sanctuary. There is also a large round stone.


Monastery for men

We have the opportunity to visit the highest mountain monastery in our country! In the Middle Ages, the Gusov family lived around the monastery and on its territory. Two large watchtowers were built, which now look quite harmoniously in conjunction with the monastery and serve as bell towers.

A little later, the Church of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women was built. In 2000, a monastery was built in Beslan, which after a while was moved to the Kurtatinsky Gorge and a huge monastery complex was erected.

To get to the monastery we have to climb a steep mountain. But it’s worth it! Climbing the steps, we will see an unforgettable sight — a gorgeous view of the Kurtatinsky Gorge! Ancient towers, majestic mountains, a beautiful river — all this is simply mesmerizing!

In the monastery you can eat and buy Ossetian homemade cheese, herbal healing teas, mountain honey, and icons. All natural, produced by the inhabitants of the monastery.


Kurt and Tag Tower

Several centuries ago, two brothers Kurtat and Tagaur settled in this picturesque place. They founded the village of Ualasykh. In ancient times, about 25 families lived here. The village and the erected tower were of great importance. Ossetian folklore tells a lot about the life of the brothers, including their first falconry.

Unfortunately, due to the conflict, one of the brothers had to leave the village and settle in another gorge. Thus, two large Ossetian societies were formed, to the clans of which many families of Ossetians and the names of new gorges belong — Kurtatinsky and Tagaursky.

A few years ago, it was necessary to carry out strengthening work, as the tower seemed to be descending from the mountain, and there was a risk of its collapse at any moment. In the future, the entire complex will be restored and a historical open-air museum will appear here.



Dargavs is a truly mysterious place, completely shrouded in legends and mysteries. This place is of great historical importance, its roots go back to the distant past. There is an inexplicable air and aura, incredible views and atmosphere. The indescribable beauty of the ancient necropolis, combined with the surrounding nature and mountains, and then huge burials with the remains of people that can be seen through the holes in the crypts. Peculiar sensations.

Dargavs is the largest necropolis in the Caucasus, otherwise it is also called the “city of the dead”. Still, almost 100 crypts on the slope of one mountain.

By and large, this is a cemetery, which consists of ancient crypts and medieval tombs. It has no inhabitants. It is quite understandable why there are so many mysteries and legends around this place. In the past, many people were afraid of this place and believed that it was impossible to return alive from there.



In the depths of the Kurtatinsky gorge, on one of the plateaus of the southern slope of the Kariu-khokh rock massif, at an altitude of about 170 m from the foot of the mountain, there is a unique monument of the Middle Ages — the architectural complex of the village Tsimiti.

This is one of the oldest settlements in Ossetia. Monuments of material culture have been preserved here — dwellings, watchtowers, crypts, places of worship. From the end of the 18th — the beginning of the 19th centuries, when the village consisted of up to 100 houses, 11 family towers have survived here to this day.


Observation Deck

We will make a stop at the «Trail of Miracles», a mini zoo is organized here. Entrance to the territory for a fee — 100 rubles.

Cafe & Departure

Before leaving back to Nalchik, we will stop by a cafe to have lunch, rest and share our impressions. At about 16-30 we leave for Nalchik.
PRICE 1’500 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME 08:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 19:00-20:00
Transport services all along the route Tour guide service

Entrance fees to museum (optional)
Lunch 500-600 rubles per person

The program and time of the tour may change. Check with managers for details.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.