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Beautiful Pyatigorsk! A large city in the Stavropol region, a popular resort center, known since the time of Pushkin and Lermontov! The oldest mud and hydrotherapy resort in the North Caucasus, comfortably located at the foot of Mount Mashuk.

Pyatigorsk rightfully has the status of a «natural museum of mineral waters», only here there are so many different natural sources.

The name of the city was not given by chance, a rare coincidence — 5 mountain peaks on the territory of one city — Mashuk, Dubrovka, Kazachka, Picket and Post. In addition to the main peaks, there are many more small hills. Also not far from the city is Mount Beshtau, from its top opens a magnificent panoramic view of the entire resort and the mountains of the Caucasus Range.

The city is conditionally divided into two large parts. At the bottom are residential areas, centers, businesses, and at the top resort centers.

Modern Pyatigorsk is incredibly beautiful, it has become even bigger and more attractive. This is not just a resort city, it is a real museum city! In addition, it is interesting not only as a medical resort, but also as an interesting tourist route.

State Museum-Reserve M.Yu. Lermontov was founded in honor of the great Russian poet, who incredibly loved this region and dedicated many of his works to it. The reserve includes all the so-called «Lermontov places». The museum’s collection is unique and contains rare exhibits, including the poet’s personal belongings. Walk through the modest rooms of his house. Feel the color and history of this place.

The place of Lermontov’s duel is a glade with a commemorative obelisk with a bronze bust in the center. It was at this place that the poet was shot in the chest. Every year, on the day of the death of the great poet, admirers of his talent gather here.

Famous talented architects Giuseppe and Giovanni Bernardazzi created a cozy town literally in the shortest possible time. Healing springs were equipped and ennobled by well-known architects, engineers, geologists. Since the end of the 19th century, the popularity of the resort has been gaining every year.

The history of the resort is connected with the great names of prominent people who have rested here for 200 years of the town’s existence. Pyatigorsk is rightfully recognized as a historical city!

Traveling around Pyatigorsk with us will leave you with indelible impressions! The measured rhythm of the city life, historical monuments and buildings, the aura of the past — all this you will find here.

We have prepared for you a rich program of the main historical sights of the city. This is a visit to Lermontov’s house, the place of his duel, the popular lake «Proval», the famous gazebos «Aeolian harp», Diana’s grotto, of course, climbing Mount Mashuk by cable car and exploring the city and its surroundings from the observation deck.

Kislovodsk is a magnificent resort, the largest city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Located in a cozy valley between two large mountain ranges, Kislovodsk boasts a pleasant climate, there is almost never a wind and very few cloudy days, the air is clean, fresh, invigorating. All this is the best way to have a good rest.

One of the most favorite places among tourists. Kislovodsk Narzan Gallery includes 18 pump rooms, 3 different in composition and taste narzan springs flows here. The Main Narzan baths, which consist of 88 cabins, are also located here. Procedures are carried out daily.
We will have 30 minutes to walk around the gallery and try all kinds of narzan.


An incredibly beautiful and memorable place Kislovodsk. A huge park with an area of ​​about 1000 hectares. The park serves not only for recreation, but also for health promotion. It has specialized treatment routes, they are recommended to patients for speedy rehabilitation.
The resort park is a real protected museum, over 300 different species of trees and shrubs grow here. A cable car has been built to enjoy the view of the city from above. At the top station, the most picturesque landscapes of the city open up. Rose Valley is considered to be a very bright and beautiful place in the park. This is truly amazing beauty. Approximately 3000 sq. m of various rose bushes. Just a feast for the eyes and an incredible flavor! From the observation deck you can see that the roses in the flower bed are planted in the form of one huge rose. We will be able to walk around the famous Lermontov places, take photos on the Lady’s Caprice bridge and admire the amazing glass jet.

Program :

Departure from Nalchik at 08:00 in a comfortable minibus.
We are going first to Pyatigorsk. The road takes 1 hour.


Park Tsvetnik (Flower Garden)

This is the oldest park in the city, one of the main tourist attractions of Pyatigorsk, and a place for walking vacationers and tourists. Although Tsvetnik Park is small, in addition to beautiful flower beds and alleys, there are several other attractions here: Diana’s Grotto, Lermontov Gallery, Gukasov’s Coffee House, Bronze Eagle statue, Yermolovsky and Lermontov baths, a drinking gallery with mineral waters, a fountain. The park adjoins Mount Goryachaya, on which there are several observation points with views of the city.

Arbor «Aeolian harp» — round arbor, the dome of which is mounted on 8 columns. Thanks to skillfully built acoustics in windy weather, here you can hear a soft melody of the wind, as if a harp is playing. Now, due to the instability of the wind, audio equipment is installed here and music always plays, regardless of the weather. From this place, a surprisingly beautiful panorama of the city and its surroundings opens up. Here you can sit for hours, admire the views endlessly and listen to the music of the wind.

Sculpture of the Eagle is a real symbol of the CavMinVody. According to legend, the eagle was bitten by a snake, the dying bird was healed by drinking water from the source. The eagle soared into the air, rushed at the snake and tore it to pieces. Since those very distant times, the eagle has been the personification of strength and health, and the snake — ailments and diseases. Now the sculpture of an eagle is invariably associated not only with Pyatigorsk, but with the whole region.

Lake Proval is a natural monument at the bottom of the Mashuk mountain cave. A unique place, with turquoise water saturated with sulfur, a favorite tourist attraction of the city.

Lermontov Grotto is carefully guarded, paved paths lead to it, but the entrance is closed with an iron fence in order to preserve the integrity of the object.

Diana’s Grotto. A picturesque artificial cave carved into the rock, named after the ancient Roman goddess.


Cable-way to Mashuk

The cable car to Mashuk and the summit was recognized as the most romantic place in Pyatigorsk. At the top of Mount Mashuk there are several equipped viewing platforms. The most photographed is the one on which there are poles with signs indicating the distance from here to other cities. By the way, here you can nail your plate by buying a blank and paints at a kiosk at the upper cable car station.

Proval Lake

Proval Lake is a unique natural attraction located in Pyatigorsk, on Mount Mashuk. It was discovered as a result of the failure of limestone rocks. The pond has an unusual blue color, which is due to sulfur and bacteria. Opposite the exit from the cave leading to it are the so-called shameless baths, where you can lie down or, in at least, wet your feet.

Kislovodsk Resort Park

After lunch and 1 hour drive we arrive to city Kislovodsk and Resort Park.

This is the largest man-made park in Europe. The park is rich in architectural monuments and small architectural structures (the Narzan Gallery, the Colonnade, the Cascade Stairs, the Lermontov platform, the Lady’s Caprice bridge, etc.). Natural monuments located on its territory: Red Stones, Gray Stones, Blue Stones, as well as recreational areas: Rose Valley, Air Temple, Glass Stream, Mirror Pond, «Red Sun», etc.


Resort Boulevard

In the very heart of Kislovodsk, at the entrance to Kurortny Park, a gothic yellow stone building rises, reminiscent of an illustration from a medieval chivalric novel that has come to life. The place we also visit Narzan Gallery, one of the city’s most popular sights.

Walk in the Evening City.

Then we provide 1 hour for an independent walk along the magnificent Kurortny Boulevard. There are many souvenir shops here, you can buy local handicrafts, herbs, honey. Exciting Quests are organized on the Boulevard, taking part in which you can learn a lot of new and interesting things about this amazing city!


Arrival back to Nalchik 18:00.
PRICE 1’500 rubles per person
DEPARTURE TIME 08:00 from city Nalchik
RETURN TIME 18:00-19:00
Transport services all along the route Tour guide service

Cable car in both directions — 360 rubles (optional)
Lunch 500-600 rubles per person

The program and time of the tour may change. Check with managers for details.


    The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.

      The request is not a tour booking and does not impose any obligations on you. Our specialist will contact you and provide detailed information about the tour.