The road to Elbrus area begins from the nearest airports – Mineralnye Vody or Nalchik. The nearest railway stations – Nalchik, Pyatigorsk, Prohladny, Mineralnye Vody.

Mineralnye Vody airport one of the biggest international airport in South of Russia, has direct flights from some foreign cities: Istanbul, Dubai, Saloniki, Tel-Aviv, Shardga etc. For your convenience its also possible flights to airport Krasnodar from many European cities.

The arrival through Moscow is the most common and on necessity we are glade to provide air tickets Moscow – Mineralnye Vody – Moscow or help to choose convenient domestic flight. There are regular many flights to Mineralnye Vody from Moscow airports, and flights to Nalchik. Its possible to choose the convenient time, to join with international flight also in case You don’t want to stop in Moscow.

More and more climbers and groups choose air company Aeroflot for their arrival to Russia and Elbrus.
Transfer time to Elbrus area takes about 2 hour from Nalchik, from Mineralnye Vody about 3 hour.

Travel to Mount Elbrus

The road to Elbrus region begins with flights to airports Mineralnye Vody or Nalchik. Nearest railway stations – Nalchik, Pyatigorsk, Mineralnye Vody. Further direct road to the village Terskol to which goes well-kept road.

There are buses going to Elbrus area but, unfortunately, is now very irregular. Sometimes you can use the services of private cars, coming from different regions of the Caucasus to airports.
We are given the responsibility for the quality of the tour, as a rule, prefer to meet and perform transfers airport – hotel – airport ourselves. This provides assurance that no fault car, no rain, snow or fog, suddenly emerged from the cloud came down, will not be an obstacle to the timely delivery to the destination.

From Moscow its best to reach by plane or train. We do not recommend to go by own car. From airports Vnukovo and Sheremetievo – flights every hour to Mineralnye Vody, one flight to Nalchik. From Kursk station – daily train to Nalchik, in addition, on the train Moscow – Kislovodsk easy access to the stations of Mineralnye Vody or Pyatigorsk. By train Moscow – Vladikavkaz – Station Prokhladny.
From airport Mineralnye Vody there are air links with many cities of Russia and abroad. Closest to the Elbrus area is Nalchik. If you go by train from Moscow, it is advisable to buy tickets to the station Nalchik. Corporate train, with a fairly good level of service. It goes one day and two nights. One drawback – to pass customs formalities at the borders with Ukraine.
Duration of transfer to Elbrus from Nalchik 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on road conditions and weather. From Mineralnye Vody – 3.5 – 4 hours.
If you go by train, passing through Pyatigorsk, better to take the tickets to Pyatigorsk, it’s closer and saves time, is often lost in traffic when driving on the road past the Pyatigorsk. But sometimes in Pyatigorsk the train stays a very short time and it is difficult to have time to disembark from it, especially when riding in big group. From our own experience and is usually seen on our customers – as soon as you come out of the plane or the train, once there is a strong sense of purity and fresh air with special southern scents. But this is only the beginning. More or less the usual way to the town of Baksan, soon begins to descend into the depths of the Baksan Valley, but it is a false impression, in fact, quickly gained altitude and near the village Terskol elevation of nearly two thousand meters. Sometimes lays ears, but the noise of the mountain river, it turns to the left, to the right, from time to time overlaps the sound of the motor vehicle. With unaccustomed the bended road, padded walls of the gorge, a little scary, but quickly there is confidence in the expertise of our drivers, and you begin to experience the real excitement of the beauty of the new landscape to evolve as the road climbs up from the rolling hills of the foothills, up to the present rocky grounds, going to the sky. In winter, the yellow-orange glow sea buckthorn thicket, transparent red spots painted barberry bushes, knocked out of the snow green juniper, and a real triumph in the green pine groves, which start from the village of Elbrus. If you are very lucky, you can see the rocks Tur, next to the road suddenly appears fox or hare, or even a wolf. After all, the path passes through the reserve. Elbrus – a territory of the national park. By the way there are several villages, where the population is mainly made up of local residents, Kabardin and Balkar. We pass the city Tyrnyauz known tungsten-molybdenum plant and sad events that took place during the mudflows in the summer of 2000. Now the consequences of natural disasters are removed and the road is even better than it was before.

If you will be with our guide, he can tell a lot, about the nature of the region, its history and the sightseeings. Show the waterfalls of great beauty, a place where, thanks to prevailing local climatic conditions are found and desert scorpions, and unique Caucasian bears.
Sometimes its feels sorry that the road ends too soon, but ahead is the extraordinary vacation in the mountains and even more unforgettable impressions.
Bon Voyage, joy and prosperity.
If it turns out that hard to find information on how to visit us, please make your request by e-mail or call us, we will help.

“KavkazSkiTur Ltd” provides transfer services in the North Caucasus : in Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar, Sochi etc. by bus (33-45-55 places), minivans (8-18-21 places) or by cars and SUV cars.
The necessary data for ordering a transport:
-Full name
-Data- train / flight (number of train, wagon )
-Arrival time train / plane
-Phone number (cell and home)

Transfer prices for the minivan (up to 12 seats) one way in Rubles
Main climbing camps of North Caucasus

Nalchik-Bezengi 8000
Nalchik-Bashil/Chegem 8000
Nalchik-Elbrus area 6000
Mineralnye Vody-Elbrus area 11000
Mineralnye Vody-Bezengi area 14000
Mineralnye Vody-Hurzuk/Dombay/Teberda 14000
Hurzuk-Uzunkol 6000
Nevinnomyssk-Uchkulan 16000
Uchkulan-alpcamp Globus 6000
Nevinnomyssk-Hurzuk 14000
Nevinnomyssk-vil. Teberda 10000
Nevinnomyssk-Arkhyz 14000
Nalchik-Sochi 3000 per person
Elbrus-Sochi 4000 per person
Nevinnomyssk-Dombay 15000
Excursions Elbrus 17000
Excursions Blue Lake 10000
Excursions Chegem waterfalls 10000
Excursions Dombay 15000
Excursions Arkhyz 15000
Excursion-Dombai-Arkhyz 20000
Excursions spa towns KavMinVody 15000
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